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Project Overview

The project is about developing a mobile application for a mental health wellness firm that implements creative and meditative ways to assist users to know themselves at a deeper level and reach the meditative stage through laughter. They believe in attaining world peace and thereby, use the basics of relaxation and meditation for users suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety.

We designed and launched the go-to-market mobile app in the app store, after identifying and researching on the fundamentals of mindfulness and sleep stories by injecting a light-hearted comedic spin with relatable journeys.

Our iOS and Android-powered cross-platform, mobile app framework aims at offering a music library management tool that can upload music files and provide a real-time media server to manage media music stores.

Key Components of Mental Wellness App
  • Audio trimming and background audio streaming
  • Sleep Carousel and sleep stories management
  • Daily de-stressor management

Core Features

The audio tracks are accessible by premium users as well as free users in the application, with a certain level of priority for the premium users. The tracks are available as per the category and genres in the application. The user-friendly audio sessions keep playing in the mobile application. The application also offers custom package deals for businesses.

Each audio session will be hosted by well-known comedians. The sessions belong to a wide variety of categories like stand-up comedy, humour, destressing, sleep music, jokes, dark/fictional/relatable humour, motivational etc. This mobile application is for those users who wish to listen to audio session tracks having comedy sleep stories and daily de-stressors.

Key Inclusions

Motivational survey to set preferences

Social media audio sharing of favorite slices

Multiple social logins with email configuration

Subscription integration using Apple IAP, Google IAP

Search for favorite category and genre

Connect with server data or push/pull data based on features

Administrative functions like view the number of users, edit goals

Details of user types - free users, paid users, guests and subscription plans etc.

List of library sessions with analytics

Viewing top 5 recent notifications and then all notifications


Technologies And Platform We Use


Business Benefits

The business gained the following benefits from our project solution

Comedic relaxation for a stress-free mind

No seriousness of a traditional ‘guided meditation’

User preferences (create a profile, connect with social media, search sessions, get notifications/suggestions)

Personalized content based on inclinations

Visually appealing landscape for prompt selection

Recommendations based on previous visits

Dashboards for specific activities like sleep, de-stress,

Share the best bits to social media

Monthly/quarterly/annual subscription


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