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Project Overview

Exide App is a part of Exide Online Marketplace to ease the business processes for Exide dealers.

Exide Access app is exclusively designed for Exide Authorized Dealers to help them with every business activity such as order fulfillment, order tracking & history, engagement with sub-dealers in terms of secondary sales, invoicing, and reward points.

It promotes the digital way to manage sales and boost the online presence by streamlining sales activities.

Battery Marketplace App for Dealers-Overview

Core Features

Manage order fulfillment, tracking & history, and inventory management

View sales history, summaries, and target vs. achievement details using a single dashboard

Dealers’ extended access to their sub-dealers/retailers with sales summary and earned points

View assigned customers, scheduled maintenance, enter new customer details, and manage warranty requests

Marketplace dashboard including visit plans, visits, latest feedbacks, etc.

Message Board ( Dealer query and response, Corporate Message Board, new products & scheme launches)

Information about claims, claim status, warranty, and claim entries

Billing information (Bill To HS, View/Cancel Invoice, Customize Invoice, Invoice Approval )

Track the loyalty points and rewards of HS dealers

Vehicle tracking for real-time point of reference

Search batteries corresponding to vehicle make and model, the fuel of the vehicle

Keep eye on latest Exide products, trends and news, live chat with sales experts, manage product videos, customer research, and FAQs


Technologies And Platform We Use

SQL Server

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