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Project Overview

This app is a part of Exide online marketplace

With an aim to enhance sales performance, Exide Humsafar app is specifically designed for Exide Humsafar Partners to streamline business processes. this is a part of Exide Online Marketplace.

Using this app, Humsafar Partner can fulfill orders, track & manage history, view inventory details, KYC, and warranty details.   Also, they can keep eye on points, gift eligibility, and financial milestones of the year.

Online Marketplace App For Battery Retailers-Project-Overview

Core Features

Manage your order, order tracking & history

Check your performance, purchase details, invoices

Check your monthly, quarterly & yearly target in a single click

Take benefits of available schemes, increase sales, redeem incentives and points accordingly

Check product status, order status and revenue earned

Check and update warranty of any registered battery

Add/edit/delete all your basic details along with bank details for further use

Manage loyalty points, the redemption of earned points, and rewards based on the sales performance

Supports 12 regional languages for smoother execution and extended support


Technologies And Platform We Use

SQL Server

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