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Project Overview

A cloud-based BI analytics solution was designed for leading news agency to analyze a large amount of historical data from various data sources. With an aim to increase its subscription, pentaho community stack is used which provided data-driven insights and generates real-time data. This effectively designed solution can minimize the churn rate and help to create an effective digital marketing campaign strategy.

Core Features

Caters to diverse data sources

Amazon Redshift Cloud DB

Weblogs to capture user behavior and browsing patterns on the web

Google Analytics to capture online traffic information

Business Application for master and transactions information

3rd party data sources for media views and user stats

Analyze data sources and derive the KPIs and KRAs jointly with the client to meet the business requirements

Deploys various complex ETL jobs and transformation to integrate historical data and live data to generate near real-time analytics

Dashboard Screens to generate behavior analytics, authors’ performance, subscribers, segment, marketing analytics, Content Analysis, Subscriber Analysis, Page View/Reader Analysis

Churn model to minimize the subscriber’s churning rate using effective data analytics

Tools and Technologies :- Pentaho CE Edition , HP Vertica


Technologies And Platform We Use

SQL Server

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