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Project Overview

The business intelligence solution is developed for travel agency facilitating the customer for Airlines booking, Hotel Accommodation and Hire a Car service. With this solution, the company can give answers to the queries like ‘which are the most profitable airlines/hotel’, ‘which is the time when most customers are using our product’ etc and based on this, the company gains meaningful insights and real-time data.

The solution developed using the Pentaho community stack which analyzes the data and makes the data-driven decisions for the organizations which increases the work productivity

Core Features

Analyzes data sources & the existing static reports to derive the key KPIs and KRAs

Consolidate data sources (Oracle 11g) into MySQL database with Star Schema approach

Deploy various complex ETL jobs and transformation to integrate the historical data and live data to generate near real-time analytics

Display specific dashboards based on access rights

View location wise data based on user rights

Drill down feature to view the detailed analysis

Dashboard Screens :- Sales Analysis, Location Analysis, Hotel Analysis, Saving Analysis, Top Destination Analysis, Financial Analysis


Technologies And Platform We Use

SQL Server

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