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Project Overview

The project is about developing a Power BI-based software application for a popular digital transformation company focussing on technology solutions and products business, offering priority to customer strategy and technology. They have created a suite of services to help customers achieve real business outcomes. They leverage technology to help achieve organizational objectives. They modernize and transform business processes by implementing technology that helps.

The client was keen to design and develop a business intelligence solution that can track contract status and check on buyers’ utilization management. It was difficult to visualize the business requirement into a unified report to get a consolidated view of all the locations. They were looking for a business intelligence application that could keep track of the status of the contracts and manage the buyers’ utilization. It was a tough call to take data from the SharePoint API.

Our Power BI-based software application provides digital contract management & buyers insights. With the help of the ODataFeed connection, we imported data from API. Users are resources to whom each contract is allocated for verification & changing its state till closing the contract as required.

Key Components of Power BI Dashboard
  • Contract Actions
  • Active Contracts
  • Cycle Time
  • Total Contract Value
  • Contract Timeline
  • Contracts by State etc.
contract-management-Slide 1

Core Features

From the dashboard, we can get details of resource allocation & its availability along with duration (in days) it took, for each contract to be in each state with its detailed review comments added by buyers’ insights. We have used SharePoint list/library as source for developing Power BI dashboards.

Key Inclusions

Drill-down functionality is provided to navigate each level back and forth

User-wise, contract details

Details of resource allocation and availability

Detailed review comments by buyers

Link provided for each contract

Project Screens

Technology Stack

Microsoft Power BI

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