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Project Overview

The project is about developing a mobile application for a fitness tracking app that could be beneficial to the business user and end user. We designed and developed a health and fitness mobile app that took care of all major fitness-related activities. Firstly, we identified and researched on the existing framework and created a POC for concept integration.

The hybrid mobile application system is developed for iOS and Android platforms with a front-end Flutter mobile app and a web application as a backend to manage the content that will be interacted with and displayed on the mobile app. The content will be data related to the fitness community that supports fitness enthusiasts and nutrition diet planners.

Key Components of Fitness App
  • Fitness training and trainer schedules
  • Nutrition management and plans
  • Daily monitoring of fitness activities and weight

Core Features

End users can also avail subscription for the nutrition plan in which they can get the entire diet plan based on the fitness goals. To achieve fitness goals, users can connect to any training program and track their daily exercise. Users need to subscribe to paid training programs. Once they are subscribed, all relevant nutrition programs will be accessible to the users.

Key Inclusions

Progress in terms of Start weight, Goal weight, Current weight

Day wise statistics of different exercises like Push up, Dumbbell press etc.

Variety of nutritious and healthy recipes

Daily monitoring of diet plans and supplements

Trainer profile, Select plan, Workout section

Nutrition plan with variety of diets

Detailed recipes, Renewal nutrition program

Gym training plan/Home training plan

Secure payment portal integration

Onboarding – ‘What is your goal?’, ‘About yourself’, ‘Enter personal body details’

Calculate BMI

Training plan subscription (monthly, yearly)

Super set work out details


Technologies And Platform We Use


Business Benefits

The business gained the following benefits from our project solution

Customized subscription models for generating revenue

Unified platform for trainers and end users for enhanced collaboration

Easy to upload training content and nutritional plans

Revenue generation from the fitness and nutrition industries

Custom weekly updates and easy sharing

Set/update weight goals

Calorie in/out tracker for food and exercise

Track workouts, measure progress

Fitness status with integration

Secure user authentication


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