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Project Overview

This easy-to-use app will help you in trouble! This reliable and lightweight location-sharing app can be used to share your location with your trusted contacts. It alerts your near ones when you are in trouble by providing trustworthy services with international geographical support and reliability.

It is one of the best location-sharing app that works with just a few clicks and can give peace of mind to your near ones about your safety. It does not drain your battery too much and uses a minimal amount of data. This location-sharing app is easy-to-use, safe, and secure for location-sharing services.

Core Features

Create a trusted contact list in order to share location when needed

Send location via text message and to one or more persons

Press and hold the button to activate the alert

Enable trusted contact to query location

Uses a minimal amount of data and can work without connectivity

Safe and reliable location exchange

Safe and secure data exchange

Easy to use, no registration needed

Save your battery


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