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Project Overview

A cloud-based, scalable, customizable and integrated Mobile ERP system for a 1000+ strong FMCG enterprise to automate business operations across 5 manufacturing units, 100 Warehouses or DCs, accessed by a huge customer base of 300,000+ across 20+ POS at convenience stores.

The system can be operated on multiple devices to handle complex and critical business transactions and automate the processes at the operational level. Make real-time data accessible across the organization including offices, production house, warehouses, distribution points, on the go fleet, etc.

The system consists of major modules like:

  • Accounts
  • Advertising
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Production
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Point of Sale
  • Transport Management

Core Features

User-friendly interface for both web and mobile

Maximum features and reports available on mobile application

Highly secured access methods (pin, fingerprint, OTP, face detection)

Work area access restriction via Geo-fencing on basis of user location/device/sim ID

Track of user movement on a map with graphics

QR code and OTP verification for critical transactions

Highly detailed reports helping top management to take important business decisions

Custom report builder to get reports in various formats as per need

Third-party devices/hardware integration


Technologies And Platform We Use

SQL Server

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