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Project Overview

The project is for a client who is a popular global design organization located in USA, with branches all over the globe. They have a team of designers, engineers, teachers, researchers who look at creating change through design, by building learning platforms and tools to unlock creativity. They create human-centred inventions, services, spaces, and associations that empower groups, cities, and even countries.

The client was keen to get rid of the legacy on-premises Enterprise Manager application and migrate to a third-party, cloud SaaS-based HR application for better usability, interactive UI, better collaboration and less support and maintenance.

The client was in need for automation of the entire process which was possible only by migration. Replacing a legacy application with a third-party SaaS-based application by making sure that all existing business logic will work was a big challenge.

Having frequent updates in the API endpoints was difficult. Deploying all the legacy systems onto the new SaaS-based application in a single shot was a tough task specially to ensure a low downtime.

Our solution was based on replacing the old on-premises EM application with the new third-party SaaS-based HR application named BambooHR. It is a complete HR management software that contributes to growing your people, improving the employee experience, and taking your business forward.

Key Components
  • Staff/Talent module keeping talent details
  • Personal information i.e., name, address, contact information, marital status etc.
  • Location percentage
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Core Features

Our project involvement included the following steps:

Analysis & Field Mapping
Migrate existing legacy (EM application) data to the new BambooHR system through API endpoints
Write API that will download data from new system (incremental changes)
Build strong business layer that will sync downloaded data back to EM database
Replicate new application data to reporting databases and use them for reporting
We suggested to build Web API to download the new system data, SQL Server for processing/storing downloaded data & SSIS for automation.


Key Inclusions

Employee job information i.e., studio, department, job title, reporting manager etc.

Employee compensation i.e., pay amount, pay method, pay frequency etc.

Employee journey information i.e., journey, journey title, role, discipline etc.

Employment status i.e., full time, part time etc.

Technologies And Platform We Use

visual studio-cs
Visual Studio

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Enhanced HR process and usability

Less support and maintenance costs and efforts

Automated processes and increased returns

Robust and effective business processes

Interactive user interface

Better collaboration

Robust reporting features


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