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Project Overview

A web-based application was implemented for Fortune 100 Company to track Bill of Material and configure products. With streamlined operations, sales engineers can configure the products with drag & drop features and can even place the appropriate products in the relevant locations.

This web application serves as a platform for customers and distributors to prepare Bill of Material by negotiating the prices.

Supportive Applications

Ez List: It is used to prepare a project which includes a list of products with quantity and other product details. The project can be shared via Email with other team members.

Order Track: This application helps to track the status of orders along with the details of each item/product mentioned in the particular order.

Fault Calci: This Application can be used to calculate the fault current. Fault current can be measured for three phases and single phase. This application assists in designing the electronic path.

Cross Reference: This application also showcases the competitor’s product information. Admin can add/update the competitor’s product details to showcase end result by displaying similar products to end users when they search for the particular product.

Core Features

Single Sign-on integrated so that the user does not have to log in again for the rest of the session

Customized Grid setting as per the requirement

Order status is shown to make tracking easy

Support of multiple languages for better communication and improved user experience

Provide easy drag & drop features for configuring items which save time and increase productivity

Price negotiation made easy

Prepare reports for product analysis and higher insights

Document generation related to products is included in the Bill of Material

Manage domestic and overseas customers


Technologies And Platform We Use

SQL Server
Amazon EC2

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