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Project Overview

The project is for a client who is a known city gas distributor in many districts of Gujarat, India. It is a customer-centric, system-focused organization that serves multiple segments of Natural Gas with a huge volume of business, profits, and sales turnover.  The four segments are Domestic, Industrial and Commercial/Non Commercial customers through PNG and automobiles through its CNG outlets.

The client was in search for automation of their customer billing and invoicing section. They needed combined meter readings and subsequent billing in a single process that is well integrated with the other systems.

Enterprise clients in Utility Sector have been using SAP for its core business process for the last several years. Customer billing and invoicing were done through SAP-ISU billing. The meter reading was collected manually by visiting every customer’s premises and uploaded in SAP for billing. The generated bill/invoice was again delivered to the customer manually. The client was finding it difficult to have an automated process for the same.

It was felt to automate and combine meter reading and subsequent billing into one process and thus we came up with an idea to develop a Spot bill solution (Meter reading software) that can interact with the SAP ISU billing engine.

SPEC INDIA’s spot billing and meter reading software is used for utility industries like gas, water, and electricity. This meter reading application consists of a mobile device interface with a web admin panel. Field staff can capture meter reading values and issue spot billing with third-party integration using this application.

Key Components of Spot Billing (system)
  • Real-time online meter reading app, in which the meter reader visits the customer’s premises, records the meter reading, and issues the bill on the spot using a handheld Android Phone and Bluetooth Printer
  • Easily customized and delivered quickly depending upon client requirement
  • Capture meter reading data by feeding the meter reading value manually or via a highly trained OCR model capable of capturing meter readings quite accurately
  • The meter reading app has features to manage all master data required for bill generation and is common to all customers
  • This meter reading app is easily deployed to Cloud/On-Premise Environment as per requirements
Spot Billing Solution

Core Features of Spot Billing (Meter Reading Software)

This versatile meter reading app offers instant OCR meter reading and recording, invoice generation, invoice printing, and payment collection through mobile devices, attached to a Bluetooth printer, thereby reducing the time gaps between processes. The system is seamlessly integrated with SAP, from where the invoice data is fetched live, processed, and sent back, with payment details. Our meter reading application can be seamlessly implemented for a multitude of industrial domains to enable a faster, easier, and more secure way to capture utility meter readings.



Key Inclusions of Meter Reading Application

Streamline billing process across the countrywide utility service network

Automate meter service and maintenance request-related processes

Eliminate timeframes in capturing meter reading data, updating back office, and generating invoices

Device authentication and integration with SAP

Proof of Delivery (POD) in terms of digital signature

Location capture when the reading process starts

Online/Offline support

Export data from the app

Real-time synchronization of data and meter images

Spot bill generation and printing system on a mobile device

Smooth payment collection processes

Screens of our Spot Billing System (App for Meter Reading)

Technologies Used for Meter Reading App


Business Benefits of Our Meter Reading Application

The business gained the following benefits from our project solution

Reduced cost of meter reading and bill distribution

Savings on backend/admin staff and stationary cost

Improved cash flow and revenue

Reduction in customer complaints and inaccurate readings

Increased efficiency & better decision system

Eliminate fraud with the help of meter reading image

Flexible reading schedules with elimination in delay for billing

Customer-centric processes and accurate meter readings

Integration of various activities at a centralized window

Increased transparency and customer satisfaction

User friendly and easy to use

Improved data quality and service

Efficient management of bulk data

Online monitoring of billing information

Accurate billing using OCR meter reading


Looking For a Similar App for Meter Reading?

We can provide you with an all-inclusive mobile app development solution for your specific requirements.

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