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Project Overview

The project is about developing iOS and Android mobile applications for an integrated Passwordless platform that empowers businesses with a unified place to manage IT passwords, logins, employee onboarding and all that comes in between.

As an all-in-one Passwordless platform to manage passwords, accounts, and applications, you can eliminate passwords, securely login to your personal and corporate accounts, and protect your digital identity from fraud. You can create an account and add your personal information in to the app. App will store personal information like name, email, phone, id docs etc. You can use your account to login into other mobile/web apps without fill up the required details.

The iOS and Android mobile applications focus on different services areas as listed below:

Key Components of Passwordless Identity Apps

  • Passwordless Password Manager
  • Passwordless MFA
  • Passwordless SSO
  • Shared Password App
  • User Password App

Core Features

The mobile app encompasses Password Managers to encrypt all login using Zero Knowledge Architecture. It combines Passwordless Password Manager, Single Sign-On, Account Provisioning, and Passwordless MFA. It eliminates passwords, secures employee access with biometrics.

Key Inclusions

Identify and research existing framework and create POC for concept integration

By using keystore, we created a private key which can be accessed only by that Keystore for encryption/decryption

Crypto Keys – Vault Key, Unique Key, RSA-OAEP public/private key pair, Transient RSA-OAEP public/private key pair

Admin Functions – create a Vault, Share Vault with users, add/edit Shared Password app, Admin app

Integrate with your SaaS applications to automate account provisioning and employee onboarding

Easy access to all your business Single Sign-on applications with biometrics


Technologies And Platform We Use

Android Native
Angular Integrations

Business Benefits

Following are the Benefits

One stop shop platform for login management

Secure encryption of logins using Zero Knowledge Architecture

Usage of strong passwords with Password manager

Secure auto fill of logins on mobile and desktop

Simplification of identity management

No need to type or remember passwords


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