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Project Overview

The client is a popular educational and coaching institute in India, that designs courses to offer maximum exposure to standardized tests, with facilities of the best possible instructors, classroom material, and support system to complement studies for students.

They offer standardized test preparation, an online question bank, and college counseling to students. They help students for all the standardized examinations required to pursue education abroad like PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL & IELTS.

They were keen to update their original website to include important information like course information, student inquiry data, student profile showcase etc. The client wished to reduce the time and cost involved in website maintenance. They also wanted the website to work effectively on mobile devices with responsiveness.

The current website of the client was not working on mobile devices and had a poor user interface and limited information. The data was static and hence there were no regular updates. The client wished to add student information, types of courses, etc. on the website but were not able to do so. Even students faced issues while navigating through the website.

Based on the latest trends and customer requirements, we redesigned a fully functional, mobile-friendly, responsive website application to manage student’s information, exam results, and other marketing purpose. The website is attractive, clean, secure, hassle-free, and has a pleasant theme. Students can view upcoming batch & exam dates and submit inquiries.

Key Components of Software Solution
  • Faster-loading, clutter-free, and appealing theme
  • Practice test & testimonial module
  • Display the latest results and past records from the database
  • Easy access to the information 24*7
Educational-website-screen 4

Core Features

Information has been added with interlinking to other relevant pages. The website is created in WordPress so that the client can easily update content without any technical knowledge. We have added multiple forms and Call to Action so that the client gets inquiry response based on categories.

We have added a visual component on the WordPress admin panel so that students and other information can be added/updated with ease. It also offers students with virtual training and online testes to gain highest possible score. The overall maintenance cost and time is reduced with the WordPress admin (visual component) panel.

Key Inclusions

Tests, answers, and scores after completion of the test

Messages to students related to their courses & performances

Addition of new courses, subject & questions


Technologies And Platform We Use

ACF Plugin
css logo

Business Benefits

Our solution enabled the business to achieve the following benefits:

Secure student log-in and authentication

Smooth and faster submission of inquiries

Proper analysis of test performance

Receipt of inquiries by email and WordPress admin panel

Enjoyable online presence with up-to-date courses’ information

Secure and pleasurable user experience to capture user attention

Saving on cost and time with self-service updates


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