Beacon Technology Solutions

As a Beacon/iBeacon app development company, We @ SPEC INDIA unleash the true potential of beacon technology and offer our clients the best of business solutions that can leverage the power of Beacon/iBeacon using the very efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. We assist our clients garner augmented business efficacy in their own domains by availing best of technological services like indoor positioning systems, sensors, location-based systems, mobile payments, indoor navigation & maps, discount notifications, providing information on location.

The future of mobile marketing depends highly on the principles of proximity marketing – the trending marketing strategy of today. Leveraging its potential to the finest, our top-notch Beacon app solutions have opened doors for new opportunities like location-based campaigns, data collection, Beacons with free access. Our Beacon Development solutions focus on proximity marketing to deliver the right information to the relevant participants at the right time in the right format, unleashing the strength of the mobile marketing strategy and Beacons technology.

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    Beacon Based Solutions

    Beacon/iBeacon, as a hardware device, has been a low cost, low powered, and low energy Bluetooth device that utilizes low frequency to transmit weak signals to other Bluetooth enabled devices. For e.g., while implementing beacon technology in the Retail sector, as soon as any client is moving around the periphery where the Beacon is, it will send a notification on the Bluetooth enabled device with relevant messages, thereby, attracting visitors and plugging in increased business.

    Collaborating niche approaches like Big Data, Analytics, Mobile Technologies, and the Cloud have led to devising comprehensive solutions that satisfy the needs of today. IoT has been instrumental in bringing together innovative techniques like the Bluetooth Low Energy- BLE based Beacons within enterprise solutions where proximity-based solutions were needed in enterprise frameworks. Completely changing the approach to targeted marketing and indoor communication for a variety of domains, Beacons today emerge as one of the most practical and affordable enhancements to enterprise systems.

    Applications Of Beacon Based Solutions
    • Indoor Navigation
    • Interactive Tours
    • Targeted Marketing & Promotion
    • Processes Automation & Monitoring
    • Continuous Tracking of Persons, Resources & Assets

    We develop robust, creative, and customized Beacon/iBeacon apps, for our esteemed clients who have benefited heavily in terms of increased business, maximized RoI, and enhanced profitability. Our key service offerings in this technology are:

    • Feasibility study of business ideas
    • Developing backend solutions, web services to interface with back-office legacy systems
    • Prototype Design or a PoC
    • Extending & maintaining existing Beacon solutions and apps
    • Beacon Android app and iBeacon app design & development
    • Developing and enabling Business Intelligence layer on top of transactional data generated through Beacon based solution

    Technology Expertise

    Beacon Applications: The Face Of The Future

    Helping our clients get more business in their own domain is what we aim for. Our best strategies to ensure Beacon/iBeacon helps your business productivity and profitability grow multifold.



    • Brainstrorm your idea
    • Feasibility Study
    • BRD creation
    • SRS Creation
    • Technology Stack
    • Project Planning


    • Wireframe
    • UI / UX Consulting
    • Product Design
    • Web & App Design
    • Logo Design
    • HTML Prototype


    • Defined Coding Standards
    • POC Development
    • Agile Development
    • CI/CD & TDD
    • DevOps & Cloud
    • 3rd Party Integration
    QA & Support

    QA & Support

    • Define Test Strategy
    • Manual Testing
    • Automated Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • 24X7 SLA Support

    Our Expertise In Beacon Software Solutions

    Understanding the potential of the innovative technology, our aspiring Beacon / iBeacon resources at SPEC INDIA have garnered wide experience and expertise in building state-of-the-art application, for various size and segment of the business, in a wide range of industry domains. These beacon development apps have proven their worth by offering the best of business results for our clients.

    Our Industry Expertise With Beacons And iBeacon Software Development
    • Retail
    • Shopping Mall
    • Hospitality
    • Universities
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Shipping & Logistics
    • Tourism
    • Public Transport

    Why SPEC INDIA For Beacon Software Development?

    Maximized Return on Investment

    Productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are what our solutions aim for. Getting increased RoI for our clients is our motto.

    Customer Centric Focus

    We ensure an entirely customer-centric focus and ensure wholesome quality gets delivered to our clients.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our costing models are highly competitive and offer flexible models of engagement and solution development.

    Knowledgeable Resources

    A multidisciplinary crew of experts who assure our clients, the best of solutions, services with utmost dedication & quality.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Beacon is a modern technology that uses beacons to link and communicate information with location-based search. Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that utilize low-energy Bluetooth technology to transmit signals to nearby smart devices.

    The different types of beacons are –

    • Standard beacon
    • Portable beacon
    • USB beacon
    • Video beacon
    • AI beacon
    • Sticker beacon, and more

    Beacons are best used in the following real-life scenarios:

    • Notifying clients about offers, personalized promotions, at retail shops
    • Beacon based indoor positioning system at warehouses
    • Indoor personnel tracking for better security and asset tracking
    • Engaging customers and monitoring their moves by gathering data with beacons
    • Personalized location-based ads by pairing beacons with mobile devices
    • Proximity marketing in various segments like hospitality, logistics, construction, etc.

    iBeacon is the standard name for Apple’s beacon technology, which facilitates mobile apps to operate with beacons and take necessary actions, just the way beacons do.

    iBeacon works on Bluetooth technology with low energy sensors transmitting information to relevant applications or operating systems. iBeacon is Apple’s beacon standard, and it relies on proximity marketing and location-based technology.

    Beacon technology uses Bluetooth for communication. Beacons are small devices that emit radio signals in a restricted location. These signals are deciphered by Internet-based devices and the relevant app will function based on the signal received.

    Some of the popular apps that use iBeacon are BeHere, Proximitask, Mingleton, Launch Here, Knomi, Starbucks, Wisely, etc.

    Hire Beacon Developer

    SPEC INDIA, as a Beacon app development company, has highly experienced Beacon/iBeacon app developers who are skilled at this technology and have proven their expertise through successful implementations.