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What Are The 4 V’s Of Big Data? Explained In 200 Words


October 28, 2019


June 29th, 2023

In most Big Data circles, there are certain attributes that define Big Data. The core dimensions of Big Data are the four Vs:

  • Volume

Greater the volume of data, more wide-ranging will be the 360-degree view of information, thereby growing insight and depth of information guaranteeing enhanced decision making. This dimension talks about the huge quantity of data that is generated in petabytes and zettabytes, by machines, networks, social media etc.

  • Velocity

This refers to the arrival and examination of flowing data that gets accumulated at an accelerating speed. The flow of data is enormous and constant. Collective customer data fed rapidly into the Big Data platform leads to more likeliness to make the apt decision at the right time to achieve management goals.


  • Value

Talks of identification of value added information. Greater the consolidation, cleansing, consistency of information, there are more chances of accurate decision making.

  • Variety

A multifaceted range of data sources and forms, be it from the logs, CRM systems, emails, photos, videos, PDFs, audios, monitoring devices, and social media etc., help making better insightful decisions. Integration of data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured, from these array of sources is vital.


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