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What Is App Personalization? Simplified In 200 Words


December 20, 2019


June 29th, 2023

App personalization is a key marketing strategy.

It refers to the process of creating apps that offer a personalized experience to specific users.

It meets specific customers’ needs rather than universal experiences for all the app users.

It is very important marketing tactic as the number of apps in app stores is increasing rapidly and in millions at present.

As mobile users have plenty of alternatives, it becomes difficult for the app owner to retain and engage customers.

It collects data like behavior, time, demographics, and user-specific preferences to deliver personalization to increase conversion ratio.


  • Improves user engagement & retention
  • Drives more conversions and helps increase revenue
  • Builds loyalty
  • Enhances user experience


Users are likely to abandon the app if it doesn’t provide faster loading time, personalized experience, faster payment, real-time services, and smooth execution.


  • Push notifications for discount and offers
  • Fast reordering of repeat purchase
  • Relevant products display

Best personalized mobile apps are Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook that provide personalized playlists/newsfeed/relevant items.

Personalization inspires your users to stick to your brand.


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