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What Is F#? Explained In 200 Words


January 3, 2020


June 29th, 2023

Constructed on the .NET framework by Microsoft, F# is a modern-day programming language that attracts developers with its simplistic coding style. There is an increasing trend of developers opting for F# as their preferred programming language.

Originally, F# was accessible only on Windows, today its spread across disparate environments. It can easily work with other .NET components.

Being collaborative and cross platform in nature, F# is capable of handling difficult situations with its robust coding. It is considered ideal for enterprise-level development, technical arenas and data analysis.

Though Microsoft is the original creator of F#, the F# software foundation (FSSF) is the one in charge of endorsing the language across communities. Being completely committed to F#, it takes care of the promotion of the language and building a vast community of developers. It possesses an effective mentorship program, free for anyone to join.


Key Features

  • Orderly coding standards
  • Builds robust and reusable code snippets
  • Accurate and full proof
  • Multiple in-built libraries
  • Functional, language oriented and OOPS programming

F# 4.7 was announced recently around September 2019, along with the .NET Core 3.0 release. It allows you to select the language edition for the F# compiler.


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