What Is Mean Stack? Described In 200 Words


October 25, 2019

Mean-StackThe term MEAN was introduced by a MongoDB developer named Valeri Karpov in a 2013 blog post.

MEAN is a collection of open-source JavaScript based technologies used to develop web applications.

It’s an acronym for

  • MongoDB, a schemaless NoSQL database that makes it easier to transfer data between client and server.
  • ExpressJS, a web application framework for Node.js with rich set of features to develop single and multi-page applications. It is a de-facto framework for Node.js and is inspired by popular Ruby framework, Sinatra.
  • AngularJS, a front-end development framework developed by Google. Two-way data binding, automatic form validation etc. are some of the important functionalities of Angular JS.
  • Node.js, a server-side JavaScript execution environment used to develop scalable apps rapidly

It uses a single language on both front-side and client-side.

It incorporates MVC architecture to maintain a high level of productivity.


  • Isomorphic Coding
  • Highly Flexible
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reusable
  • Fast
  • Great UI
  • Massive library
  • JSON support

MEAN’s alternative includes MERN with React.js, MEVN with Vue.js, or MEN with basic JavaScript.


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