What Is SonarQube? Explained In 200 Words


December 24, 2019


June 29th, 2023

SonarQube is an ideal partner for ensuring code quality and security of codebases. It empowers developers to write cleaner and safer code. With its initial release in 2006-07, SonarQube had its latest release recently, in July 2019.

SonarQube (previously Sonar) is an open-source platform developed by SonarSource for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities.

It’s written in Java and considered perfect for guiding development teams during code reviews. It supports a continuous inspection stage.

The Quality Gate is a key, out-of-the-box feature of SonarQube. It offers a Go / No-Go gate for application promotion.

With over 170,000 implementations worldwide, SonarQube offers the necessitates to own up and influence Code Quality and Security.


Key Features

  • Clean as you code
  • Supports 25+ programming languages
  • Fixes weaknesses that harm your app
  • Releases quality code
  • Catches tricky issues
  • Enhances workflow
  • Fits well with existing tools
  • CI/CD integration
  • 60+ commercial and community plugins

SonarQube’s mission is to empower developers first and grow an open community around code quality and security. SonarQube has a great community support, with multiple contributors.


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