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What Is Wireframing? Simplest Explanation In 200 Words


October 27, 2019


June 29th, 2023

Wireframing – the fundamental block, the skeleton of any UI design makes design look simple and understandable


  • An indispensable ingredient in UI design
  • Early place of the project lifecycle
  • Easier to comprehend than a concept design
  • A sketch/guideline before you build the application
  • Frame with no colors, images or graphics

Wireframing is a method to design a website/app service at the structural level. It is usually used to layout content and functionality on a page that considers user requirements, and user drives.

Wireframes are used primarily in the development process to create the basic construction of a page before adding the visual design and content.

Key Advantages

  • Saves time on the entire project
  • Helps make the design procedure iterative
  • Identifies ease of updates
  • Pushes usability to the forefront
  • Shows the site architecture visually


Good to Remember

Wireframes are not the final design

No code has been written yet

All design elements are ready for discussion


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