Parameters Flutter Swift
Overview Open source, UI, cross-platform software development kit High-level, multi-paradigm compiled iOS programming language
Release Year 2017 2014
Developed By Google Apple
Cross Platform Compatibility Yes No
Native Development No Yes
IDE Involved Visual Code, Android Studio, IntelliJ Xcode
UI Builders Flutter UI Toolkit Swift UI
Accessibility Supports accessibility for external tools; Flutter needs development to offer better applications for people with disabilities about accessibility support. With built accessibility support for iOS apps, programmers offer reliable data availability to each UI component in the iOS application using the UI Accessibility method.
Performance Highly performant because of support from the Dart properties It is highly performant because it is essential for iOS apps
Ease of Use Easy to use because of the simplistic Dart language Easy to use because of intensive documentation
Application Size The file size is around 52 MB, larger than Swift apps The file size is around 25 MB, lighter than Flutter apps
Testing Support Inbuilt testing support Native testing tools like XCTest
Development Time Performs consistently after cleaning and development time Performs consistently throughout the cleaning and development time
Integration With Nevercode tool – automated setup and configuration, support for multiple platforms Jenkins tool – easy installation and easy configuration, Changeset support
Learning Curve There is a simple learning curve if exposure to Java and Kotlin exists—good documentation to support it. Complex learning curve if not exposed to iOS app development.
Architecture Flutter’s architecture is based on three major components – engine, platform, and framework Swift’s architecture is based on Ruby, CLU, C#, Python, and other projects
Costs Involved Less expensive More expensive
Onboarding Process Flutter needs macOS + Xcode + Flutter Binary, an easy onboarding process Swift needs macOS + Xcode, a slightly complex onboarding process with a code editor, simulator, etc.
Reloading Real-time changes can be made Hot Reload for real-time changes
Application Size Large sized apps Flexible sized apps
GitHub Stars 116k 55.4k
Forks 16.5k 8.9k
Time to Market Flutter is fast after the initial clean builds, slow in the start Swift is speed and agile, as per its name
Ecosystem Large ecosystem of plugins and third-party packages Large ecosystem of tools, libraries, and frameworks
Reusability Easily reusable widgets and components resulting in faster development and easy maintenance Easily reusable code across Apple platforms, APIs, and frameworks, enabling effective development
User Interfaces Customizable and responsive user interfaces with pre-built UI widgets and components iOS native user experience with customizable and responsive UI kit and components
App Profiling Helps developers to profile iOS apps through IDE or command line Helps developers to profile iOS apps in Xcode by instruments