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June 26, 2018


January 3rd, 2023

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Web app development has been a fast-moving arena, with its implementation and usage increasing by leaps and bounds. Today’s web apps need to be dynamic, flexible, user friendly and with a highly competent design and navigation. Web developers have a lot of choices to decide from. While selecting the apt framework for the solution, it is essential to select a software technology that brings in the best of everything – flexibility, support, security, testability, reusability and fast implementation.

The one technology that has been promising fulfillment of all these requirements, in the best manner possible is, MEAN stack development – a contemporary and budding trend for JavaScript development. Based completely on the latest techno mantra today – full stack JavaScript, it is an attractive choice for web developers who are shifting to the MEAN stack rapidly. It is an open source JavaScript bundle for web apps where MEAN is an acronym that stands for M stands for MongoDB, E stands for Express, A for AngularJS and N for NodeJS. The seamless amalgamation of these 4 robust technologies is the key USP owing to which web developers are going gaga over MEAN stack development services. This innovative stack is considered to an ideal choice while developing a website for any size and type of organization, offering sustainable technology solutions for startups, small, medium or large enterprise. Developers, handling the frontend and the backend prefer using this framework for the entire web development procedure.

Gone are those days when developers had to learn and implement multiple programming languages and technicalities for a multi-layer application. With MEAN stack, you just need to grasp the JavaScript language for all mechanisms ranging from the presentation layer to the database. This automatically offers a great deal of productivity and performance benefit, with concentrated intricacy and overhead within various software components.

A Glimpse into the 4 Components of MEAN

  • MongoDB as the open source, cross platform database framework for JavaScript
    • Uses JSON document-oriented data model
    • A schema-less, independent NoSQL database
    • MongoDB with JavaScript – limits to just one language for entire application development
    • Depends on architecture based on collections and documents
    • Highly scalable architecture capable of handling large volumes of data
    • Cost effective and useful in transferring client and server-side data
    • Assists in storing files, preparing index and load balancing
  • ExpressJS as the lightweight server-side JavaScript framework
    • Executes on top of NodeJS to simplify development procedure
    • Simplifies the process of writing secure and fast web and mobile applications
    • Developers can add new features and advancements
    • Minimal framework majorly used for backend development
    • Helps to build software on the server-side along with NodeJS
    • Database integration, template engines, basic multiple routing
  • AngularJS as the web frontend JavaScript framework
    • A browser-independent MVC JavaScript data binding UI framework
    • Maintained and built by Google
    • Facilitates rapid development of dynamic and single-page web apps
    • Modular in structure, basic development and testing
    • Easy learning and scalability for full stack front end development
  • NodeJS as the open source, cross platform JavaScript based runtime framework
    • Built on Chrome’s JSV8 engine
    • Compiles JavaScript source code to native machine code prior to execution
    • Helps build scalable and secure web applications with its runtime feature
    • Possesses an enriched ecosystem of open source libraries and components

10 Apparent Reason why MEAN Stack Development is an Ideal Choice for Web Applications

  • Budget Friendly in Nature

One of the major reasons why MEAN stack development is a cut above other technology frameworks is owing to its economical friendliness. For the customers as well as the developers, it is a full stack development due to which there is a large control over unnecessary extra expenditure over resources. There is an increasing number of developer community who are actively involved and interested in this technology. Hence, there is a large amount of reusability and sharing of code amongst the developers that automatically controls the budget to a large extent.

  • Full JavaScript Framework

Since it is an entirely JavaScript framework, it has its own set of benefits to offer in terms of finest of user experience and data management. It supports Linux as well as Windows OS. There is a swift process of data recovery owing to the power and reliability of the framework. Occurrences of increased traffic is surely witnessed since both NodeJS and AngularJS offer a better environment to build competent web apps.

  • Accessibility to JSON All Over

Because JSON is available everywhere – be it AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB or ExpressJS, it becomes highly beneficial to have a seamless spread of data within layers. The best part is not to be writing the code again. Data can effortlessly flow amongst the layers and need not be reformatted or rewritten. MEAN makes use of a common JSON format everywhere for data. Even functioning with APIs becomes increasingly simpler.

  • Increased Scalability Makes It Popular

Since all four components of MEAN are open source, free and scalable, it becomes a business’s favorite. The occurrence of various frameworks, libraries, reusable modules offers a significant role in speeding the development time to a large extent. With a fast time-to-market, it offers speedy development time, making it a developer’s favorite too.

  • Easy Availability of Skilled JavaScript Resources

MEAN has been a developer’s delight. There are many JavaScript resources available, whose development potential can be leveraged with this technology. Enthusiastic developers are looking forward to working with MEAN stack because of the intrinsic features of JavaScript, making it easy to avail resources in this arena.

  • Reusability and Correcting Getting Simpler

Because the entire development process talks a single language, it becomes easy for developers to track the entire development flow, watch the data exchange and find out the occurrence of errors/bugs with the help of certain free opensource tools and libraries that can be easily reprocessed for the frontend as well as the backend.

  • Reduced Development Expenses

All components of MEAN stack are open source and free for use. A very major feature of this innovative technology is that it does not incur extra and unnecessary expenses making it reachable to a large spread-out set of users. Its reusability and code sharing components help developers reach their objective within stipulated time and budget.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Between Developers

Since all developers speak and understand the same programming fundamentals, it becomes very easy and efficient for them to mutually understand the intricacies of web app development. Hiring MEAN stack developers also offers a high-end advantage since there will be increased understanding between developers, facilitating association and easy project management.

  • Access to Isomorphic Coding

MEAN stack facilitates transferring within frameworks, i.e. the server side and the client side. Writing code in one framework and transferring to another is possible with ease and no hindrance in performance. It means rendering pages on the client and server side both. This is one major reason this technology is a cut above the rest.

  • Systematic & Highly Flexible

Because of a common platform for all 4 components, working with this technology offers highly systematic and flexible way of development making it very easy for developers to keep a track of the projects and remain in sync with the project management schedules.

We @ SPEC INDIA, being a Mean Web Development Company, are well skilled and knowledgeable in the MEAN JavaScript bundle – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS and have successfully implemented varied projects using this family. We offer comprehensive MEAN stack development services that make the most of this innovative technology and assist clients to empower their business with data critical and real-time applications.

Our “Hire MEAN stack Developer” service, in the arena of MEAN stack development has been offering highly experienced and proficient resources, which can assist in understanding and fulfilling your requirements with the topmost quality, dedication and knowledgebase.

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