Internet Of Things, The Big Influencer For Millennial Mobile Apps!!

The internet of things blends in almost every place imaginable & unimaginable maturing fast since its early days when it started a marked disruption of sorts, integrating technology into human lives seamlessly & effortlessly so. IoT touches lives everywhere; across enterprises, homes, schools & colleges, hospitals, stores; everywhere. As conceptualized by mobile app development companies, the big technologies; Sensors, Analytics, Cloud, Social Media, Internet, and more nurture every bit that makes up IoT.

Practical & easy to use wearables & mobiles emerge as the driving force behind IoT, evidently making IoT a reality sooner than otherwise it would have been.

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The IoT Roadmap As Predicted

IoT touches almost every industry perceivable bringing in revolutionary changes with constant communications, insights, and intelligence. With new additions to the technology landscape driven by IoT every passing moment, the IoT roadmap as predicted could easily be one of the most promising ones today.


  • The number of connected devices may well exceed $20 billion by 2020


  • 2020 will see the sale of 80 million+ wearable devices, a 30% plus growth from 2016
  • The global spending on IoT may exceed $1 trillion soon enough

Business Insider

  • IoT will add $1.7 trillion in overall value comprehensively covering hardware as well as services


  • 2018 should see green signals in the European region when it comes to IoT data commercialization
  • 2018 is bound to see a wider acceptance of Blockchain driven by IoT maturity

The Mobiles Integrated Into the IoT Ecosystem

Less than a decade ago, mobile device management was considered to be an uphill task for enterprises. The parameters change with IoT in place, and organizations get into the cycle of yet newer disruptive changes with Enterprise Mobility Management for the Untethered Workplace Rather than coming up with different solutions to manage different systems, and endpoint kind of architecture is visualized to unleash the powers of the combination of mobile devices within a unified ecosystem of the IoT.

Mobile application integration and the mobile-first approach becomes the new normal for mobile app development companies, helping realize the true potential of IoT. Surveys point to interesting predictions & facts related to the mobiles & their adoption.


  • 2018 will see half of the global population using mobile phones moving over to smartphones.
  • Effectively, by 2019, there will be more than 2.5 billion smartphone users globally.


  • The average American adult is likely to spend more than 3 hours 23 mins on non-voice mobile apps in 2018


  • 50% of participants covered would never recommend a business which doesn’t have an up-to-date mobile site

Email Monday

  • More than 80% of the email users globally will be accessing mail via mobile devices.

Integrating Mobile Apps with IoT – A Win-Win Situation

Undoubtedly, IoT is influencing mobile apps development in a significant way. A lot of standards & processes for mobile app development are being harbored with IoT at the core. A mature approach towards mobile app integration brings faster adoption of mobile apps into the fold.

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Smartphones engage the millennial user like never before and IoT influences mobile app development in a bigger way than evident. IoT influences a lot of things driven by the mobiles.

IoT Driving the Business Processes

It is the new normal to integrate mobile apps with sensory devices like the tiny beacons & touchpoints that are collecting valuable data for the organization generating analytics, insights for decision making, market patterns &customer patterns for personalization and more.

Integration of IoT related technologies with appropriately designed mobile apps allows better visibility into the pipeline and simplified workflows in the long run as business processes encompassing software-related activities as well as device touchpoints are all managed by a centralized system.

Integrating mobile apps with IoT devices indeed adds a layer of efficiency, agility, and flexibility within the enterprise.

Simplifying Information Technology For The Users

With judicious integrations, a user does not struggle with different systems and technical support does not need to ensure data flows between disconnected technology stacks. Enterprises initially invest in setting up integration & management tools, but the overall synergy of mobile apps with IoT will lead to a simplified IT structure, which is a boon for growing businesses.

Better Lives

The millennials live with mobile apps, and they would easily welcome the outreach to technology IoT has to offer. IoT touches different parts of our lives; homes, workplaces, healthcare, education, travel, retail; almost everything. With newer additions like artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can only wait and watch what changes the next!

IoT is Changing Lives & How!!

The Challenges Of Integrating Mobile Apps

Integrating mobile apps into IoT is not without its set of challenges for mobile app development companies. Albeit, real tough ones!

Handling Data& Scale

Connected devices have the capability to produce large data sets, which could be unstructured. If real-time decision making is dependent on IoT integration with mobile apps, capacity planning & infrastructure management have to be carefully considered. The scalability & flexibility of mobile apps may also prove to be a potential issue.

Setting up a Conducive Environment to handle devices

Devices & sensors set up in industrial zones may prove to be radically different than what enterprises are used to in customer-facing or commercial sectors. comprehensive mobile app integration spanning all industry segments with IoT has a long way to go.

Data Security &Privacy

Almost all data formats captured by IoT devices specific to user, groups or organizations is potentially hackable. The best possible data privacy and industry security measures must be leveraged & periodically audited. Understandably, the chances of breaches increase as soon as mobile app integration co-exists with IoT devices.

User Experiences

IoT is not a singular term, rather it’s a massive concept encompassing a whole array of hardware & software related technologies. Integrating all touchpoints seamlessly with devices of choice and then leveraging the entire offering to entice the users is definitely an uphill task.

Intuitive Mobile App Development for Smart Lives

Interesting ways of making a technology change lives come up and this is just the beginning. Mobile apps blend in with IoT offerings like never before.

Intuitive Mobile App Development for Smart Lives-min

Smart Health

  • Fitness trackers
  • Health monitors

Smart Homes

  • Energy management
  • Safety & security
  • Automating everyday tasks

Smart Workplaces

  • Monitoring ongoings
  • AI, VR, AR enhancements
  • BYOD integration

Smart Grids

  • Energy management
  • Power savers
  • Environment friendliness

Smart Farms

  • Crop planning
  • Automated surveillance & protection
  • Soil analysis

Smart Manufacturing Units

  • Optimized workflows
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Health & safety of workers

Smart Retail

  • In-store personalization
  • Easy checkouts
  • Inventory management

Connected Vehicles

  • VTS
  • Navigation & routing
  • Maintenance
  • Integrating insurance

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