Mobile App Development, The New Way for Enterprise Solutions


August 19, 2016


June 19th, 2023

Mobile technology evolves with the preferences and expectations of its users. Enterprise approaches need to change too with the changes in the choices of its customers & employees and the way they prefer to live, work and transact.

Businesses adapt and make mobile application development an integral part of their strategy, offering seamless access to enterprise solutions using a variety of apps for mobile devices right from tablets, smartphones, and now the wearables.

Practical technology approaches like Location Based Sensing, Augmented Reality, Sensor Based technologies like beacons, and value adds to mobile technologies like never before. Add to it the enrichments offered by the effectiveness of Social Media, the actionable information constantly generated through BI & Analytics, and the flexibilities of the Cloud; mobile technologies force enterprises to explore and rediscover innumerable possibilities.

Mobile Applications – Facts and Figures

Mobile Apps usage and inclinations based on statistics point to radical changes in the way enterprise solutions are conceived and mobile app development takes place today.

Market Trends & Predictions

  • Gartner expects that 42% of organizations expect to increase spending on mobile application development by an average of 31 % in 2016
  • Gartner also expects that smartphone sales are estimated to reach 1.5 billion units in 2016 and the total mobile phone market is forecast to reach 1.9 billion units by the end of 2016
  • 62% of the enterprises have a mobile app integrated into their enterprise solution or are building one
  • Non-game app downloads are estimated to grow 23 percent in the next five years
  • With BYOD becoming a rage, around 40% of enterprises plan to stop providing mobile devices to the workforce soon after 2016

Distribution of the Apps

  • 20% – Marketing & Branding
  • 30% – Revenue Generation
  • 50% – Support & User Engagement

Behaviors & Preferences

  • On average, a person spends more than 100 minutes on mobile devices every day
  • Again, on average, a person checks mobile phones over 150 times in a day
  • People use mobile apps 6 times more than the corresponding websites
  • Around 80% of smartphone users use their phones to make purchasing decisions
  • 50% of mobile users take 1 hour to make a decision related to a purchase versus 1 month if using a laptop or a desktop

Mobile Apps Powered Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions become more relevant with the integration of mobile technologies and availing other trending techniques becomes more practical and possible. Sensor-based technologies like beacons, location-based applications, GPS, and others easily value add to the comprehensive solutions by simple coupling.

Benefits of Using Mobile Technologies for Business Apps

SPEC INDIA Enterprise Mobility Solutions

SPEC INDIA, a mobile application development company in India, offers niche enterprise solutions with integrated mobile technologies to suit the requirements of diverse industries & domains.

Customer Relationship Management

A lot of discussion and grapevine surrounds CRM Software but multiple discussions bring out the fact that CRM systems are the call of the day across domains and industries like Construction, Logistics, Education, Finance, and more. Big or small, CRM becomes everyone’s cup of tea.

SPEC India offers its diverse, scalable, and one-stop solution for customer relationship management keeping in mind the modern-day trends with its fully integrated Enterprise Business Mobility eCRM System, as a central repository of customer information, insight into customer needs, and behavior with a satisfying customer experience.

Sales Force Automation

A field force automation system is in charge of various fronts keeping the mobile sales force connected to the enterprise and the customers alike. Finding its applications in almost all domains and industries, SFA emerges as a complete and extensive system for all. Be it being a backbone for pre-sales or direct sales or feedbacks a comprehensive sales force automation system becomes almost indispensable today.

A mature sales force automation system built using the best practices of field sales force; ZooM from SPEC INDIA emerges as a very successful Enterprise Mobile solution for Field Sales Automation implemented for leading Fortune 100 clients across the globe.

It is an end-to-end solution with mobile clients, back office and communication services to manage, plan and execute sales routines for target markets.

ZooM serves diverse industries and a special mention for FMCG, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Logistics & Manufacturing Industries is not out of order.

Beacons Integration for Solutions

These miniature, sensor-based BLE devices are a rage with IoT becoming a reality. Practical and cost-effective, beacons give a completely fresh angle to proximity-based marketing and indoor communications.

SPEC INDIA combines beacons with solutions to offer more effective and efficient systems offering highly acclaimed solutions for Universities, Education, Hospitality, Restaurants, Retail, Healthcare, Travel & more.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile technology at the workplace is a fact today giving rise to completely new approaches for security of the enterprise solutions, their data, and the devices used, through the policies laid out by enterprise mobility management and MDM solutions.

An untethered workplace becomes a reality today. For Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, and FMCG; the list of where MDM has relevance is endless.

The explosion in data and the increase in the touch points even for the workforce and the demand for 24 * 7 access to enterprise data is the modern way to bring agility to work. The ease of availability and the proliferation of mobile devices turn BYOD into the modern way of operating.

SPEC INDIA’s Mobile Device Management solution ensures optimized functionality and assured security on all devices with controls in place and support established.

Vehicle Tracking System

This niche business solution provides a smarter way to work for both the back office and workforce, vehicles, and assets on the field.

Insightful integration into the enterprise systems or into the workflows makes VTS a meaningful part of the complete enterprise systems. The value added generated by the GPS vehicle tracking system is thus unchallenged.

Right from making its mark for Salesforce Automation, Logistics & Transportation, Rescue Operations, Emergency Services; the applications of a VTS system keep getting interesting every day. The Vehicle tracking system from SPEC INDIA enhances like none other.

On a Parting Note

Technology powered with usefulness takes enterprise systems a long way. Innovative thoughts value add to the solutions already in place or to be newly designed.

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SPEC INDIA, as your single stop IT partner has been successfully implementing a bouquet of diverse solutions and services all over the globe, proving its mettle as an ISO 9001:2015 certified IT solutions organization. With efficient project management practices, international standards to comply, flexible engagement models and superior infrastructure, SPEC INDIA is a customer’s delight. Our skilled technical resources are apt at putting thoughts in a perspective by offering value-added reads for all.

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