Mobile Device Management Gears up For BYOD


January 13, 2016

Today, mobile devices dramatically change the way an Enterprise works, enabling employees to have more speed, accessibility and efficiency for tasks related to work. BYOD enables the workforce to work with devices they prefer and be connected to the office anytime from anywhere.

The flip side is that this very ease of accessibility to enterprise resources and networks from outside brings with it multiple security concerns. Mobile Device Management is a niche technology to address these concerns and circumvent any threats that may arise with them.

  • Addresses vulnerability issues arising for Enterprise resources
  • Protection of the devices themselves

Mobile Device Management

BYOD a Big Challenge for MDM

Bring Your Own Device gives the workforce a choice to remain in vogue. By being allowed to use devices that suit their own styles and not what the enterprise dictates; BYOD becomes the most trending word for the work culture today.

It is a huge challenge for the Enterprise mobility solutions to cater to diverse devices and their operating systems. Employees would tend to use multiple devices to gain access into the system and carry out their tasks depending on the scenario or the time of the day. The workforce, especially the techno savvy ones constantly replace their mobile devices periodically because of reasons as simple as remaining the latest or even loss of devices.

The challenges of managing varying devices forces enterprises to develop rules for BYOD. Some enterprises insist on allowing manufacturer specific devices or only certain operating systems. This is a restrictive approach and in a way kills the flexibility of BYOD entirely.

Instead, Enterprises today need to have capable and robust MDM solutions to manage

  • Multiple devices
  • Data security of central data repositories
  • 24 * 7 network connectivity & their speed
  • Stolen or lost devices

The Changing Needs of Protection for Mobile Devices

MDM solutions adapt to the changing needs of the day. The hardware and software for mobile devices upgrade and change at a much faster pace compared to the computers within the Enterprise. Protection of both the hardware and software of the mobile devices today is expected to cater to the very basic as well as more sophisticated requirements.

  • Password protection
  • Access to device features such as cameras
  • Email account setup
  • Applications data security
  • Lost device management
    • Device wiping
    • Device password enforcement
    • Device password reset

Security of Mobile Devices- A Tall Order

Since mobile devices have become the way of life, MDM software becomes indispensable for strategizing security. BYOD gives the freedom of choice to the employees and the comfort of working with devices they are familiar with, for assured rise in efficiency and productivity. An Enterprise faces the challenge of securing the interacting devices, their networks and the safety of the data exchanged. There is a tight rope to walk between the independence of workforce and security of resources.

As the devices change too quickly, the Enterprise remains on toes with being ready for a new one and its special requirements for integration and security. Regular updates to the operating systems pose their own set of problems too. The only choice for Enterprises is to have a continuous upgrades to the MDM solution as well.

Managed Security to the Rescue of MDM

Regular modifications to the MDM solution incorporated is no mean feat. Catering to every new device coming in or every new version of the operating system becomes a major bottleneck in the functioning of an Enterprise.

Managed security becomes the buzzword today, delegating security of mobile devices to the experts and proves to be a very practical and cost effective solution for implementing MDM today.

  • Controls and manages through back office consoles
  • Chalks out enterprise device policies
  • Supervises adherence to compliance policies
  • Caters to all popular platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Offloads the MDM tasks from the Enterprise
  • Designs Lost Device policies

MDM In a Nutshell

With every new advance in technology, comes its own set of challenges. Prudent Mobile Device Management policies make sure that technology empowers its users and do not prove to be a handicap in the real world scenario.

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