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Top 13 Examples of Popular Apps Built With Kotlin


July 16, 2020


March 11th, 2024

In 2017, Google made Kotlin the official language of Android. Since then, it has been increasing in popularity among the IT community and app development world owing to the benefits of interoperability and maturity.

In this blog, we will be covering top companies using Kotlin App Development in their programming environments. We will be also covering how Kotlin has topped the chart of the most popular programming languages due to its benefits.


Top 13 Famous Apps Built with Kotlin

  1. Google

    Google has officially declared Kotlin as its first-class programming language for Android development. Not only that, but Google also uses Kotlin in its production code and continues its efforts to improve the Kotlin experience. Google is promoting Kotlin through Kotlin-friendly SDK, Android KTX, Kotlin examples in official documentation, and online Kotlin courses.

  2. Pinterest

    Pinterest, a unique and popular image-sharing service reported using Kotlin in its Android app. Kotlin is the primary language for Android development at the company. Kotlin has helped engineers to write code, quickly, and more accurately, said one of the Android engineers at Pinterest.

    Migrating from Java to Kotlin for its app yielded better results for the end-users and the team. Replacing Java with Kotlin benefited Pinterest in building code with speed and efficiency, resulting in reduced time.

  3. Square

    Square Inc., is a leading American financial service and mobile payment company that used Kotlin to improve the developer experience of Square’s libraries.

    The company deals with software and hardware products and possesses quite a huge customer base. Kotlin helps them improve performance, speed, and productivity and that’s what Kotlin is designed to do.

  4. Trello

    Trello, a leading collaboration tool is used by millions of users worldwide to better organize projects via boards. Trello is widely popular and allows users to organize anything with anyone, anywhere.

    Trello team Kotlinized major functions and created new features in Kotlin to leverage the benefits it has to offer.

  5. Evernote

    Evernote uses Kotlin over Java for stability, clarity, and speed in its Android app. Evernote is a well-known application that is exclusively designed for note-taking and task management.

  6. Slack

    Slack is a popular business communication platform developed by Slack Technologies. It helps organizations and team members collaborate via chat rooms, private groups, and instant messaging. According to its tech stack, it uses Kotlin in its Android environment.

  7. Corda

    Corda is an open-source Blockchain platform for businesses and it is entirely built in Kotlin language. JVM was their choice as a platform because of its scalability, cross-platform runtime, and thread-safe architecture. Java is a great language but it lacks modern convenience and significantly reduces developers’ productivity. They picked Kotlin because of its interoperability with Java, functional programming, and easier learning curve.

  8. Tinder

    Tinder is a leading online dating application, known for its revolutionary approach to how new people meet and date. According to Stackshare.io, Tinder is using Kotlin in its production environment for concise and clear code architecture.

  9. N26

    N26 is a leading German neobank offering its services across Europe and the United States. They have chosen Kotlin as their major development language for backend services because of Kotlin’s high performance and maturity of language.

  10. Netflix

    Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 183 million paid subscribers across 190 countries. They have rebuilt the current UI player in the Netflix Android app using 100% Kotlin.

    See here

  11. Airbnb

    Airbnb used Kotlin in a new Android product framework (MvRx) for a seamless experience, according to its tech engineering blog. Airbnb is the world’s leading platform for homestays, tourism experiences, and lodging.

  12. Basecamp

    Trusted and used by millions, Basecamp is one of the leading project management and team communication tools. The application is written in Kotlin and it has made a difference in quality, speed, and performance, the team reported.

  13. Zomato

    Zomato uses Kotlin to write more safe and concise code for its Android app. Kotlin has helped reduce the lines of code and also identify important defects during the compilation of code.

    Zomato is a popular Indian restaurant finder and food delivery application having 80 million monthly active users.

    The list goes on. Many apps are using Kotlin in their Android environment and realize the benefits of it.

Migrate From Java To Kotlin For Efficiency, Productivity, And Better User Experience

Kotlin reduces the lines of code and also mandates secure code practices, resulting in faster time-to-market, efficient code structures, and modern user experience.

According to the JetBrains Developer Ecosystem 2020, Go, Kotlin and Python are the top 3 languages developers are planning to adopt or migrate to.

More and more apps will be written in Kotlin.

You can switch to Kotlin from Java or start a new project in Kotlin to gain the benefits of performance, productivity, and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kotlin is a general-purpose, cross-platform, and statically-typed programming language. It is developed by JetBrains.

In February 2012, JetBrains made Kotlin an open-sourced project under Apache 2 license.

Kotlin is designed to fully interoperate with Java, i.e., Kotlin mainly targets Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and works fine with existing Java libraries. One more special thing about Kotlin is functional programming. This gives developers more freedom and allows them to be more expressive due to its declarative style programming. It does support object-oriented programming.

Kotlin reduces the number of lines of code by approximately 40% compared to Java. Kotlin is more concise and also type-safe. With Google’s recommendation of the preferred language for android app development, Kotlin has increased in popularity among developers and mobile app development companies.

Kotlin is used majorly for mobile app development, server-side applications, and client-side applications. It can also be used with JavaScript or JavaFX for client-side apps. Kotlin community is continuously enhancing language for other platforms such as macOS, iOS, and embedded systems.

Kotlin is developed and maintained by a team of 70+ people at JetBrains. Additionally, 250+ independent contributors continuously putting their efforts to enhance the language. Talking about JetBrains, it is a global software vendor known for its revolutionary, intelligent, and advanced tools for software and teams.

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