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October 27, 2016


May 1st, 2023

It was not till long ago that the Retail industry had its inhibitions in exploring technology and remain settled with traditional methods of operating with very nominal IT support on-premise. But when this very competitive sector came to face with the revolutionary methods of e-Commerce, there was no shying away from technology.

The digital disruptions keep changing the course of the Retail business which emerges as an integrated ecosystem of Mobile Technologies, Big Data & Analytics, the Cloud, Social Media and the most trending technique for proximity based marketing like the beacons.

Retail outsourcing

Innovations are never ending for information technology support extended by Retail IT outsourcing.

The pursuit of the most conducive technology support by the Retail enterprises is a huge challenge. The endless stream of technology solutions clearly overwhelms the IT departments of this industry and outsourcing emerges as the most practical option to exploit the advantages of technology to remain numero uno in the market.

Models of Engagement for Retail IT Outsourcing

The Retail industry engages with potential partners in most traditional sorts of ways with the chief aims of getting useful technology integrated into their workflows. The Retail outsourcing varies from off-shore or on-shore associations to fixed-price and T&M contracts. Asian countries like India remain at the top of the favorites list for the Retail outsourcing inspite of the myths surrounding the very concept of outsourcing.

Outsourcing to Support the Retail Industry

To remain focused on core business, it is in the interest of the Retail enterprises to outsource information technology related services right from software development to IT infrastructure and data curation.

But the Retail enterprise should consider a few critical points before collaborating with an outsource partner.

Points to Consider before Engaging with Partners

Points to consider

Once identified, the outsource partner is expected to extend support in various areas for the Retail enterprise.

Services for Infrastructure & Data Storages

Outsourcing of core infrastructure like servers, networks and data storages is at the top of the list for the Retail enterprises. Services availed from the Cloud most practical, flexible and cost-effective method of keeping in pace with technology.


        • Restrains the investments in the very short life hardware & equipment
        • Avoids the need for recruiting, training & retaining skilled staff to maintain this infrastructure
        • Assures that infrastructure is ready to use in very short time spans
        • Saves a huge amount of time and money


        • Information access with the anytime anywhere approach using devices of choice by customers, employees and partners
        • Better and most contemporary integrations for enforcing data security & privacy norms.

Professional Services for Websites & e-Commerce websites

Websites, e-Commerce websites require constant monitoring, revamping and support. Traffic analysis and re-strategizing of content is a continuous process on the websites. e-Commerce websites on the other hand require detailed roll-outs for facilitating ordering, cancellations, payments and security.

        • The experts ensure trending methodologies of user engagement on on-line stores & websites
        • Uniform user experiences across the devices are assured by the exposure & acumen of the outsourcing partner
        • A steady increase in customer base with better loyalty percentages becomes a reality
        • Website updates happen periodically with ease and as required to match the change in technology & user expectations

Business App Development

Apps are trending across industries and domains. Though they look like a very simple idea to implement, it requires a combination of domain knowledge and most modern technology to deliver an appropriate app. Integrating it into the enterprise solutions is a different ball game altogether.

      • Ensures the best of the think tank in technology & domain knowledge who put together the relevant solutions to design a comprehensive business app
      • Outsourcing reduces the time to market considerably for apps as also the frequent updates required for the ever changing devices & their platforms

The Challenges for IT Outsource Partner for Retailers

The outsourcing partners need to recognize the specific challenges coming up to cater to technology support & enhancements required for the Retail enterprises.

Challanges for IT outsource

The Expectations from Retail IT Outsourcing

Trustworthy Associations

Sensitive information about the enterprise policies get discussed at length with the outsourcing partners. Data & private information related to customers is also made known to the outsourcer. In this industry with cut -throat competition, it becomes necessary to identify trustworthy teams for association, on-site or off-site.

Compatible & Amicable Team Members

The outsourcing team needs to be proficient in both technology & domain knowledge. Only technical expertise would never suffice to achieve impeccable systems. Besides subject finesse, the teams need to have the perfect attitude for fruitful collaborations.

Long Term Commitments

The retailer systems are bound to adapt to technology and adapt periodically. A long-term commitment from the outsourcing partners keeps the retailer assured of being in safe hands and getting the perfect inputs related to inclusions or exclusions from the IT ecosystem. A long term association also means that the outsource partner understands the KPIs of the business and prove to be a value addition in keeping them on the right track.

Measuring Effectiveness of the Outsource Partner– The Questions to be Asked

To keep the outsource partner association under constant scrutiny, it becomes important for the Retail enterprise to keep evaluating certain key parameters post implementation of the system.

The Questions to Be Asked

Questiones to be ask

In a Nutshell

The benefits offered by the offloading Information technology & its services to the experts can no longer be ignored and the Retail industry metamorphoses to make the most of these advantages.

  • Cost savings from availing the skills & expertise of the retail IT outsourcing partner
  • Prompt implementations of innovative technology keeps business processes the most efficient
  • Helps the Retail enterprise focus on mainstream business requirements avoiding the hassles of a full fledge IT department
  • Ensures quick “Go-Market” times using technology support like websites, e-Commerce enabled websites and apps.

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