Win Some, Lose Some. Android Vs iOS– A War that Never Ends!


January 8, 2018


May 1st, 2023

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Christmas sets in a mood to remember & gifts to cherish! Finding the perfect gift is no mean feat and smartphones remain on the top of the wishlist of loved ones! The war between Google & Apple gets stronger. The plot thickens, and more characters get into the battle including enthusiasts for Android app development as well as iOS app development.

For mobile app developers across the world, both Android & iOS seem to be the right side to choose from. The ever-increasing competition between these two most successful operating systems, with every version released, with ever device launched only makes it more interesting and extremely difficult for a balanced person to take sides& loyalties are strong for both users as well as developers.

So if we have Kotlin making headlines for Android, we do have Swift going strong for iOS!

Android Vs iOS – A War that Never Ends

The never-ending debate about Android vs iOS always heats up whenever one of the two technology pioneers releases a major update. But sense prevails and it is a fact that there is no winner, rather both have their own approaches going strong and it is really the case of win some, lose some!

And the Battle of Wits

Reviews state that Android app development is speculated to be more time consuming as compared to iOS app development. Separate studies also indicate that Android development eventually proves 30% expensive as compared to iOS, however, it is worth it as Android apps occupy nearly 80% of the market share.

The marketplace is another area that developers need to carefully consider. The Google Play store allows enterprises to pre-register for a wide variety of apps that are yet to be released, whereas AppStore has done the same in extremely limited cases. However, Apple has extensively redesigned its flagship store product with the launch of iOS 11 to beat Android at its own game.

However, the comparisons are interesting enough to make and are never-ending.

Device Fragmentation

While developing apps, one of the most important considerations for a developer is the kind of hardware that the apps will run on.

When it comes to device independence, it is a tough call for Android.

it is a tough call for Android

Android devices are not manufactured by one supplier; the type and operating mechanism of devices differ greatly. Also, whenever a new Android version is released, a very small percentage of users are ready for OS upgrades. A significant chunk of users works with the same Android version for the entire lifecycle of the current mobile device.

A big challenge with Android development is also responsive interfaces adapting to each gadget and device fragmentation hits hard. iPhones, on the other hand, are completely under control giving iOS an upper edge when it comes to device fragmentation.

User Base& Revenues

Mobile app development companies need to carefully consider the demographics driving the success of apps. Statistics say that Android apps occupy a larger market chunk in developing geographies, while iOS is more popular in developed markets, predominantly in the US, UK&the better-developed parts of Europe and the Australian continent.

The fact that Android occupies the largest market share globally does little when it comes to revenues & pricing models considering diversity. The revenue sources for both the platforms are also a vital aspect to consider for development. Android-based apps follow an advertising-driven model, while iOS apps are more affiliated with app purchases.

iOS boasts of a niche user base, whereas Android believes in stronger market penetration for a generic user base.

And all in all the revenues for iOS are much higher than Android.

iOS vs Android

Interestingly, a lot of studies have started taking into account the nature of the user base that actually opts to pay for apps. This is because repeatedly, iOS app development services have managed to grab more revenue as compared to Android app development services despite the pay for app model.

While the number of app downloads is less for iOS as compared to Android, its revenue share is much higher.

Development Environment

Both Android & iOS platforms require an IDE, a programming language & SDK.

When it comes to the environment, it is difficult to pinpoint who has an advantage.

The major differentiator here is the programming language as Swift is a dedicated language for iOS apps, whereas Android apps seem easier as they are based on Java. The effort invested in development & release is a major point of discussion. Multiple reviews have clearly indicated that iOS app development requires shorter duration, and the effectiveness is high when it comes to designing as well as releasing the app, as compared to Android.

However, from the development perspective, Android developers are easy to groom as compared to iOS developers, as the market will always have more promising Java resources.

Guidelines for App Design

The biggest challenge for enterprises today is the fact that an app designed for iOS cannot be straightaway converted to Android, and vice versa. One of the key groundbreaking solutions Android has given to the world of app development is Material Design.

Android guidelines are relatively clear on how developers should adopt its language and framework as compared to iOS

App Design Guidelines Android iOs

App Release

The process of publishing apps in the Android Play store is a breeze for most developers. It is as simple as uploading an attachment.

For enterprises looking for quicker Go-Market times, it is clear that Android development is a winner. The additional advantage is that it is easier on the pocket too!

A developer representing the software development company needs to sign up and upload an APK file, which would be made available to users to download & run in a few hours. The charges to upload an app with Google PlayStore are much reasonable as compared to the AppStore.

iOS adopts a more formal process that involves charges to ensure the app remains available. Also, the release time is higher as the apps get scrutinized to eliminate disturbing or legally challenging apps.

Gaming Development

The general outlook is that iOS will gain as well as retain a significant chunk of the gaming market.

The kind of hardware to software integration existing with iOS empowered devices allows for better-supported tools.

ioS Android Gaming

For gaming developers purely interested in the commercial aspect, it should be a good idea to start with iOS & give secondary preference to Android.


Even the best and most robust application development cannot ensure that Android apps are free from vulnerabilities. A Forbes study has indicated that more than 90% of malware is written to disrupt Android phones.

iOS-based apps, while not 100% secure, definitely lend an edge in this area as compared to Android.


Not yet. The war just began only less than a decade ago.iOS vs Android has different flavors; user interfaces, experiences, seamlessness with hardware, quality of apps and of course development.

Android & iOS are nothing short of cults nurtured by Google & Apple respectively.

One nurtured by the idea of a community, the other driven by the ideology of a lone man even after he is gone.

The fanatic war continues, and the Android & iOS battle grows into a never-ending saga. Android Oreo gets eclipsed by none and iOS 11 rocks too!

We are there to support your side for mobile app development!

Be it Android app development, be it iOS app development!

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