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SPEC INDIA has in its kitty of business solutions, an Enterprise Business Mobility CRM Solution, which has been successfully implemented at various clientele locations and is augmenting its prospects and enlightening organizations with its benefits and value additions.

Centralization of customer information, insight into customer needs and behavior, better customer experience – that is what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is meant to be. It is intended to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives of customer relationship management. With a fleet of customer data and interactions, organizations are in desperate need of automation of sales, marketing, customer support, employees, vendor and partners. That is where an ideal CRM solution pitches in, which allows organizations to focus on in-depth analysis of information, enable forecasting and data analytics, work on streamlining of business operations and customer interactions and thereby, elevate the overall level of customer relationships.

When it comes to an Enterprise Mobility CRM solution, there is a strong focus on the entire set up of the organization, involving various departments and staff members, coordinating all the cross functional processes between departments, enhancing collaboration and co-ordination between teams and topping it up with the value added benefit of usage of mobile devices in the solution.

Our Enterprise CRM solution has a mobility solution to be used by the field sales teams, area and regional managers as well as back office application to be used by the administrators, Regional and Zonal heads, Company Distributors and/or dealers, or to any custom user for mobile or web application with any custom role within the custom hierarchy. In nut shell, the whole solution is surrounding an objective to provide clients a fully custom solution with the fastest turn around to suit their all the workflows to be automated rather falling in compelling situation to pay for unnecessary features and finding workarounds.. Roles and responsibilities can be divided within staff members based on their hierarchy (upto any level) in the organization. Zones into Regions and Regions into Areas are further segmented into routes typically and based on this, entire access control is defined in the system to make it a real multi-tenant system.

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Salient Features

  • Full browser support over laptops and desktop systems
  • Information and graphically enriched dashboards and MIS reports
  • Inclusion of dealers / distributors as a part of the system users
  • Gifts and Promotion management
  • Lead / Opportunity tracking from initiation to conversion
  • Daily sales report / visit report
  • Business Influencer’s workflow
  • Various variance reports
  • MIS / Dashboard reports
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Integration with third party legacy system
  • Simplistic portability with any technology platform – Android, iOS, Windows Phone

An Overview


  • Backend: Windows as well as open source platform
  • For Mobile application: Cross platform compatibility

Key Highlights

Return of Investment (ROI)

  • Calculable savings upto 50% on sales preparation and administrative time
  • Empower field force with anywhere, anytime access to system
  • Better decision making, elimination of redundant activities
  • Fulfilling orders in real time and improvised productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Efficient services implementation and monitoring

Value Added Solutions

Here are two business offerings, which, if integrated with our Enterprise CRM solution, would add great value to the entire solution and make it a comprehensive ‘All-in-one’ business solution.


Mobile Device Management is our enterprise solution, working in abstract mode, with an objective to monitor and partially manage mobile devices from a centralized admin panel. Read more about it Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Vehicle Tracking System is our GPS based solution focusing on fleet monitoring and tracking, suitable for segments, which have geographically wide spread of vehicles to be monitored. Read more about it Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

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