Enterprise CRM (eCRM) Solution

There is a growing need of mobile CRM solutions and this need is addressed by SPEC INDIA‘s Enterprise Business Mobility CRM Solution, which has been successfully implemented at various domains and industries.

With a multi-faceted industry specific approach, this customizable solution can help reinvent your business model and accomplish sophisticated heights of performance, keeping in mind the specific challenges that come your way. Our eCRM solution showcases an amalgamated blend of features under each vital area – Sales, Service, Marketing & Satisfaction.


  • Lead management
  • Primary and secondary Order management
  • Competition Tracking
  • New Prospect Handling
  • Value Proposition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Effective Customer Engagement
  • Goals & Achievements
  • Sales Metrics


  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Field inventory management
  • People Issues Management
  • Life Cycle Process & Practices
  • Improvise Quality of Service


  • Intelligence
  • Campaign creation and capturing results
  • Below The Line Activities
  • In Field Surveys
  • Activity Monitoring & Control
  • Segmentation
  • Customer Loyalty & Gifts
  • Promotions & Campaigns


  • Customer Feedback & Complaint Management
  • Fulfil Market Expectations
  • Increase Customer Connect & Touch Base
  • Gain Loyalty & Trust
  • Increase Repeat Business
  • Increase Market Share

When it comes to an Enterprise Mobility CRM solution, there is a strong focus on the entire set up of the organization, involving various departments and staff members, coordinating all the cross functional processes between departments, enhancing collaboration and co-ordination between teams and topping it up with the value added benefit of usage of mobile devices in the solution.

Key Highlights of SPEC INDIA’s ‘All-in-One’ Enterprise CRM Solution

  • credit balanceCredit Balance & Transaction History
  • signed transcationSigned Transaction
  • route PlanningRoute Planning, Feedback & Survey
  • view broadcastView Broadcast Messages
  • rewardsReward Schemes / Promotions
  • app extensionApp Extensions to Dealers
  • spot billingSpot Billing
  • manage servedManage Served & Unserved Clients
  • campaignCampaign Management
  • cross platformCross Platform Secured System
  • saled dashboardSales Dashboard
  • competitionCompetition Check and Training

Our Enterprise CRM solution has a mobility solution that caters to the business needs of the field sales teams, area and regional managers. The back office application caters to the needs of the administrators, Regional and Zonal heads, Company Distributors and dealers.

In a nut shell, the whole solution focusses on providing clients with

  • A fully customizable solution with the fastest turn around to suit their all the workflows to be automated rather falling in compelling situation to pay for unnecessary features and finding workarounds
  • User roles and authorization divided within staff members based on their hierarchy (upto any level) in the organization.
  • Segregation of Zones into Regions and Regions into Areas, further segmented into routes typically and based on this; entire access control is defined in the system to make it a real multi-tenant system.
  • Interfacing to 3rd party legacy system like SAP, Dynamics etc. to provide required data on field

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SPEC INDIA’s Enterprise CRM Solution – An Overview

What makes SPEC INDIA’s Enterprise CRM a Diverse and Scalable Solution?

  • A comprehensive system that offers Sales, Marketing and Customer Service workflow automation over a single platform
  • Desktop and Mobile browser support over laptops, desktops and Smart Phones/Tablet devices
  • Informative, and graphically enriched dashboards and MIS reports
  • Dealers / distributors management through dedicated portal and role based access
  • Gifts and Promotion management
  • Order management with status tracking
  • Lead / Opportunity tracking from initiation to conversion
  • Daily sales report / visit report
  • Business Influencer’s workflow
  • Various variance reports
  • MIS / Dashboard reports
  • Appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Integration with third party legacy system
  • Simplistic portability with any technology platform – Android, iOS, Windows Phone

How does SPEC INDIA’s Enterprise CRM Solution Ensure Maximized RoI, Customer Loyalty?

  • Calculable savings upto 50% on sales preparation and administrative time
  • Empower field force with anywhere, anytime access to system
  • Better decision making, elimination of redundant activities
  • Fulfilling orders in real time and improvised productivity
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Efficient services implementation and monitoring

Value Added Solutions

Here are two business offerings, which, if integrated with our Enterprise CRM solution, would add great value to the entire solution and make it a comprehensive ‘All-in-one’ business solution.

Managing Mobile Devices

This add-on utility ensures that the field tracking is done seamlessly and the locally stored abstract app constantly keeps track of GPS coordinates, battery status of the mobile device and push notifications received from the back office. It, works in abstract mode, with an objective to monitor and partially manage mobile devices from a centralized admin panel.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking System is our GPS based solution focusing on vehicle fleet monitoring and tracking, through external GPS tracking devices as well as from mobile GPS being carried by field executives. The solution is most suitable for segments, which have geographically wide spread of vehicles to be monitored. Read more about it Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Author - admin_specindia, Updated Date - January 11, 2017

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