Project Overview

A USA-based client required an effective stock dashboard with a live feed feature that can keep updating the organization’s financial information at a regular interval and that too, automatically. Our main aim was to offer a cutting-edge solution that works on modern-day technologies and hence we chose SignalR as our preferred tool.

SignalR is an open-source library that offers simplification of real-time web functionality to apps. It is considered perfect for dashboards and monitoring apps, collaborative apps, apps that require high-frequency updates and notifications.

The representation of a real-time stock dashboard that shows real-time stock market information was feasible with a combination of ASP .NET Core and SignalR.



Tools & Technologies

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This dashboard syncs the master data with a frequency of as low as 5 seconds. The entire dashboard reloads itself without any user intervention and each dashboard component renders itself asynchronously without any page reloading or postback.

The stock market visualization showcases detailed information regarding the profit and loss by the client, open P&L top 10, trading headlines, symbol exposure, currency exposure, deposits, and withdrawals.

It indicates that graphically, the different figures are categorized into different segments like BSE Sensex, NIFTY, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, and Bitcoin INR.

Modules Of Share Market Dashboard

  • Trading Headlines: Company P/L, Opening Closing P/L, Volume Traded, Closed Volume Traded
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • P/L & Client
  • Symbol Exposure
  • Currency Exposure
  • Open P&L Top 10
  • Open P&L Bottom 10
  • P&L by Symbol

Features Of Stock Market Dashboard

  • Synchronization of master data with a minimal time gap
  • Automatic reloading and rendering without user interference
  • Connects from everywhere and from any platform like web, mobile, desktop, etc.
  • Fast and scalable with high-performance output
  • Real-time framework and scales out across multiple servers
  • Seamless integration with other modules/features
  • Delivers up-to-date information on dashboards
  • Live charting on the web using SignalR
  • Configurable synchronization interval of 2 secs
  • Automatic connection management
  • Broadcasts messages to connected clients