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Project Overview

The project is about developing iOS mobile application that can help users create content into video stories, easily with modern features. The client wanted to create videos with the help of machine learning algorithms, and leverage it for internal communication, newsletters etc., increasing customer engagement.

Our Apple-powered mobile app framework aims at empowering users to tell amazing stories through video storytelling for social and digital channels. It is a software with effective video editing and speech-to-text technology integration. We designed and launched the go-to-market mobile app in the app store, after identifying and researching on machine learning and speech-to-text frameworks.

Key Components of Video Creation App

  • Speech-to-text conversion
  • Key templates to work on
  • Storage of recent videos and Stock videos

Core Features

The mobile app showcases revolutionary speech-to-text technology that allows you to live edit your video through a text editor. With our premium storyboard, we give you a starting place to tell your story, whether that’s an ‘Explainer’ or ‘How To’ video.

Key Inclusions

Variety of templates to assist faster video creation

Layouts to choose from – Portrait, Story, Square, Landscape

User friendly interface, easy to work with

Minimalistic design

Access to repository of recent videos and Stock videos

Easy option to insert/modify text, background, contrast etc


Technologies And Platform We Use


Business Benefits

Following are the benefits

Range of templates for video creation

Sophisticated and attractive user interface

Enhanced quality with easy error tracking and correction

Flexible speech-to-text conversion

Live editing of video

Easy integration with social media

Premium and versatile storyboard


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