AngularJS Web & Mobile App Development

As one of the leading AngularJS development company in India, SPEC INDIA has garnered a lot of expertise and experience in developing and implementing comprehensive AngularJS development services across a multitude of industry domains spread across the globe. Our skilled pool of developers has unleashed the potential of this wonderful technology, by implementing cutting-edge and robust AngularJS application development solutions, achieving complete customer satisfaction, fulfilling business requirements.

As an opensource web and mobile application framework powered by Google, AngularJS has been instrumental in facilitating both the development as well as the testing of apps with MVC and MVVM architectures. We ensure that our solutions developed using AngularJS have a high-quality, user friendly interface that augments business efficacy, whatever size or segment of business it may be – small, medium, large scale or startup. Our simple, scalable and classy AngularJS web & mobile app development caters to the challenging and complex needs of the enterprise that spans across multiple geographies, with a variety of industry domains attached, offering the advantages of a cutting-edge technology.

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    SPEC INDIA as a Proficient AngularJS Development Company

    We have been offering an assortment of AngularJS application development services to a worldwide clientele, ensuring the finest of productivity and profitability. As an opensource JavaScript framework, AngularJS has carved a niche for itself and has become a popular name when it comes to building robust data-driven web and mobile apps. Our AngularJS developers have proven their skills by creating widespread AngularJS website and mobile apps with supreme quality in stipulated timelines. Our flexible engagement models and project execution methodologies have been the key USPs of our service offering.

    Our bouquet of AngularJS development services encompasses the following:

    • AngularJS Web Development
    • AngularJS Mobile App Development
    • AngularJS Cross Platform Mobile App Development
    • AngularJS Single Page App Development
    • AngularJS Native Mobile App Development
    • AngularJS Application Support & Maintenance
    • AngularJS App Interface Development
    • AngularJS eCommerce Application Development
    • AngularJS UI/UX Development

    Our AngularJS portfolio has been enriched with solutions and services from a variety of domains and peripheries like:

    • Business analytical tools & interactive dashboards
    • eCommerce shopping cart development
    • Social networking sites
    • IoT and real-time solutions
    • API development & integration
    • Website apps with CMS

    Technology Expertise

    Match Your Vision with Our Solution

    The way we work, our AngularJS development services are all set to entice the client with standardized processes, strategies and methodologies that are full proof.



    • Requirement Discussion
    • Idea Feasibility
    • Define BRD
    • Document SRS
    • Architecture Planning
    • Define Project Plan


    • HTML Wireframe
    • Responsive Design
    • Front-end Design
    • Back-end Design
    • Prototype Design


    • Latest Framework
    • POC
    • Agile Development
    • CI/CD
    • Cloud and DevOps
    • API Integration
    QA & Support

    QA & Support

    • Derive Usecases
    • Manual Testing
    • Automated Testing
    • Load Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • SLA Driven Support

    Key Features of AngularJS Web Development

    AngularJS web app development @ SPEC INDIA has been effective, profitable, successful and sophisticated. Our skilled developers have made the most of this wonderful technology and all because of the inherent characteristics that it has, AngularJS has been the developer’s favorite as well as the client’s delight too. Some of the significant features it showcases are:

    • Agile approach
    • Quality based development
    • Quick development
    • Plug n play components
    • Data binding
    • Reusability
    • Two-way data binding
    • Customized widget development
    • Simplistic code
    • HTML template

    Why SPEC INDIA for AngularJS Application Development?

    Experienced Resources

    A thorough knowledge about vivid technologies is what our developers seek for and showcase in their work.

    Classy & Modern Designs

    A creative blend of technology, creativity and quality is what our designers aim to bring, while designing the UI/UX.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    Complete client satisfaction has always been our motto and we strive hard to stick to our objective.

    24x7 Support

    Our round the clock support and maintenance process is the reason why our esteemed clients always choose us as their IT partner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    AngularJS was originally developed in 2009 by Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons as a side project. It is maintained by Google.

    Yes, you can use jQuery with AngularJS but it is not recommended because jQuery doesn’t provide anything special that Angular already offers.

    To run AngularJS in VS, you need to install http-server via npm and use it to run your application.

    AngularJS is a great choice for building large-scale web apps and allows writing more modular, reusable, and maintainable code while jQuery allows full freedom to build projects but often leads to messy code. jQuery is a library and AngularJS is a full-featured framework.

    Yes, Angular and PHP can be used together to create SPAs and web applications.

    Four types of linking functions exist in AngularJS – compile, controller, pre-link, and post-link.

    SPA (single-page applications) are web applications that load a single HTML page and are dynamically updated as per user interaction. Angular is popular for building SPA.

    There are many differences between AngularJS and ReactJS such as data binding, DOM, app architecture, and languages. AngularJS is maintained by Google, and ReactJS is maintained by Facebook.

    The ng-src directive is used along with Image elements to display images from the Model in AngularJS.

    Hire AngularJS Developer

    Succeeding in garnering high-quality software and solutions, our AngularJS developers are experts at taking a step ahead of the rest.