Parameters Angular React
Overview An open-source framework for the creation of dynamic web apps, a part of the MEAN stack, compatible with code editors An open-source library for the creation of user interface components, used to develop reusable HTML elements for frontend development
Developed By Google Facebook (Meta)
Year of Release 2009 2013
Written in TypeScript JavaScript
Type of Technology MVC structured framework JavaScript library
Performance High-performance framework as it uses real DOM and two-way data binding High-performance library as it uses virtual DOM and runs on single directional data flow
Data Binding Two-way data binding (bidirectional) – Guarantees that the model state automatically changes when any change is made. One-way data binding (unidirectional) – UI elements cannot be altered without updating the corresponding model state
Learning Curve It has a steep learning curve, with a complex component management system It has a moderate learning curve, empowers faster application development
Best Suitable For Interactive, dynamic, and highly active enterprise web applications, complex enterprise apps, progressive web apps, and single-page apps Large apps with continuous differing data, UI components, modern web apps, natively rendered hybrid apps, social networking apps, eCommerce apps
User Interface Components Material Design components to ease out user interface creation Material-UI library & dependencies to offer UI components
Testing Types Supports both unit and integration testing Supports only unit testing
Dependency Injection Fully supported, automatic management of dependencies Not endorsed, needs extra tools for management of dependencies
DOM Type Real DOM Virtual DOM
Frontend Development Criteria HTML functionality extension with client-side rendering Makes use of JSX, with a preference for server-side rendering
App Structure Fixed, complex, component-based framework Flexible, component-based
Usage of Libraries It is a complete solution in itself It can be packaged with other libraries
Community Support Dependable community support Not much community support
Code Complexity Simple, easy-to-understand code Tad difficult and complex code
App Architecture MVC Flux
Time of Installation Easy to set up but can increase coding time when needed Longer to set but faster in delivery
Testing Tools Testing and debugging can be done through a single tool and inbuilt functionalities Testing and debugging need different types of tools like Redux to test apps and log data
Language Preference TypeScript JSX – JavaScript XML
Abstraction Medium Strong
GitHub Stars 80.8K 180K
Fork 48.2K 30.3K
Rendering Client-side rendering Server-side rendering
Packaging Weak packaging Strong packaging
Routing Uses a template or control for manual router configuration Uses several modules for router configuration
Migration Easy to upgrade/migrate because of enhanced CLI feature with inbuilt commands Easy to upgrade/migrate through reliance on external libraries with a check on compatibility