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Custom App Development: A Complete Guide


July 24, 2023

Bespoke apps are in vogue today. It is the modern age of custom app development services that is taking the world in its stride. Is anyone or any organization spared from using applications? Companies depend heavily on customized applications that can manage a single or multiple processes, with ease and efficacy.

There are readymade apps available but the ‘one size fits all’ concept doesn’t work here. Businesses end up opting for tailored solutions that cater to their specific needs and garner effective results. Even in the world of mobile apps, custom mobile app development has become instrumental in driving digital transformation.

Establishments from a varied range of sectors have adapted to digital transformation and are leveraging the power of custom mobile applications to gain a competitive advantage and offer value addition to their users.

This exhaustive guide encompasses all details about custom app development, its salient benefits, the creation process, and a comparison between readymade apps vs custom apps.


What is Custom App Development?

Custom apps are also known as bespoke apps or tailored apps as they are developed especially for a particular organization. They are designed to adhere to the customer’s specified requirements and business workflow, by creating from scratch with the help of popular programming languages and frameworks.

Custom app development is the process of designing, developing, and implementing software applications that are meant for a targeted group of users. The world is going towards customized solutions that can handle the activities of the organization with ease, leading to more flexibility and acceptance and less dependency on the IT groups. Custom apps development offers a well-defined set of requirements that focus on the unique requirements of a specific user group.

Certain ready examples of custom apps are custom portals for industry segments like healthcare, educational institutes, financial organizations, entertainment, shipping, logistics, etc. Netflix’s streaming portal, Uber’s taxi application, etc. are live examples of custom apps being leveraged by all.

Custom mobile app development services were often offered by in-house developers but with low code development rising, development of custom applications got easier with less dependency on dedicated developers. It also led to a reduction in costs and time, with an increase in efficiency of developers.

Key Advantages of Custom App Development

The associated benefits of custom app development are many, no wonder the world is going towards it increasingly, here are they:

Upward/Downward Scaling of Resources:

Custom apps are built keeping in mind the need to scale resources during the project. Readymade apps may not be able to offer high-end scalability since they are stringent to their architecture, whereas bespoke apps are constructed for a particular organization and hence can offer a great deal of scalability.

Easy Maintainability:

Since you have total control over all facets of your custom app, it is easy to manage and maintain. With your teams knowing in and out of the application, solving problems, installing updates, managing performance and speed are easier. Even support is available all the time, with dedicated resources offering a helping hand. This may not be possible with readymade apps, where the ownership lies with an unknown identity.

Personalized Experience:

A custom app is designed and developed with the organization’s business flow and activities in mind. Hence, it is very natural that users get a highly personalized feel while they operate the application. It assists in cutting down on time and effort while operating the app since it fits user needs almost perfectly. Users find it easy to adapt to the apps and can smoothly operate their business activities through the applications.

Easy to Train and Use:

If you have a completely new program that is not constructed keeping your requirements in mind, it is difficult to adapt to it and use it in daily life. In contrast, if you have your own custom app that is created with your needs in place, it becomes easier for users to understand it, get trained on it, and adapt to it while performing daily operations. Not only IT persons or technical taskforce, but custom apps are also friends with all users.

Increased Security:

Readymade solutions often lack specialized focus on security aspects leading to security threats and malware attacks. Creating a bespoke application through custom app development can ensure incorporation of all necessary security features that are needed to offer optimal security to the application and to the organization, by eliminating all possible threats and malware attacks.

Seamless Compatibility and Integration with Other Systems:

There are many systems that are being used in organizations that must be linked to the custom app for smooth flow of data within systems. Being customized, it does cater to all system integrations and compatibility ensuring a seamless interface between different software applications. This increases efficacy in the organization with fewer problem areas and more of good data quality.

Automation of Manual and Repetitive Tasks:

With custom app development, multiple manual and repetitive activities can be automated, leading to a huge saving in time and effort. This also enables users to focus more on their important activities rather than attempting to manage using the applications. Custom apps can easily automate repetitive tasks like sending emails, transferring data, etc. thereby, increasing efficiency levels and lessening monotony.

Custom Apps Development vs Traditional App Development

Custom mobile app development services have been popular for a long time now, but they are often compared to the traditional way of development that led to the implementation of readymade applications. Let us understand the difference between the two and the reasons why custom app development is more in vogue now:

Parameters Custom App Development Traditional App Development
Overview Creates a unique application that fits organizational needs with flexibility and scalability Readymade applications that are provided by third party providers on a subscription basis
Ownership Complete ownership Owned by app creator
Scalability Can be scalable based on upscaling and downscaling of business workflow needs Has its own scalability quotient, may not be flexible enough to fit in own business needs
Customization Full Limited
Functionality Advanced business activities specific to user needs Includes a lot of business activities that may not be useful
Updates Flexibility to update when needed Difficult to update flexibly
Support and Maintenance Complete support and maintenance since it is owned and maintained based on personalized business workflow Does offer support and maintenance but is limited to service provider’s available offerings, not flexible
Operating Costs Low operating costs since it is tailored to fit your needs and hence is completely usable High operating costs since it consists of features that are not usable
Compatibility Fully compatible with other systems and applications There could be compatibility issues with other applications
Organizational Standards Will comply with organizational regulations and standards May drift apart from the organizational standards
Learning Curve Has a short learning curve since it is based on user-specific needs Has a long learning curve since it is completely new to users

Steps Involved in Custom Application Development Process

Any custom app development process includes a few stringent steps that play an instrumental role in making it a success. That process also varies from organization to organization and may need changes based on user requirements. Here are the set of steps that, by default, come under the important activities in any custom mobile app development process:

  • Understand and analyze the problem areas and the business requirements so that the application development process moves in the correct direction
  • Create a prototype or a model that can depict a first view of how the application will look, how it will function, and whether it will be able to fulfill all organizational objectives or not
  • Design the user interface and user experience of the custom application in such a way that it abides by all necessary requirements and follows modern-day design standards, with innovation and creativity
  • Build the custom application on a low-code, no-code platform so that there is the least dependency and complete independence to go by the business workflow
  • Simulate and test the application in its initial phase and in an iterative manner to ensure a high-quality product, with the least errors in between
  • Go live with the custom app into the production environment and test it with users and live data to ensure fulfillment of standards and user requests
  • Optimize the code, analyze the key metrics, and understand what improvements have to be made to better the product
Custom Application Development: A Concluding Note

As organizations go in for custom app development, there are certain points that must be kept in mind:

  • Study the market scenario thoroughly
  • Plan in detail about possible security measures to be applied
  • Plan for promotion strategies well in advance
  • Define requirements in detail and in advance
  • Stay abreast with the latest technological trends
  • Search for the right IT partner to help you reach your goals

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