Pentaho BI Services & Solutions

We @ SPEC INDIA have certified Pentaho consultants offering Pentaho services including consulting, development, integration, dashboard design, analytics & reporting & other Pentaho business intelligence services. Our Pentaho BI Consulting team provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions, which would typically cover data integration, data cleansing, data consolidation and visualization using the Pentaho product stack.

We contribute to the Pentaho community regularly. We have developed a custom Pentaho Plug-In called ‘Bootstrap Dashboard Designer’ and a Mongodb GridFS Plug-In, which are globally available on the Pentaho marketplace. We also have expertise in Pentaho integration of the platform with CAS server and LDAP for SSO. We create “Custom Plug-in”, which is essential for Open Source BI solution, since they enhance BI applications to add new functionalities. Our BI team possesses skilled expertise in advanced and trending features of Pentaho like Embedded Analytics APIs, New Analyzer APIs and Streamlined Data Refinery etc.

Pentaho Self Service BI Solution from SPEC INDIA

Continuing with our endeavor to support the developer community, we have successfully launched a Self Service BI solution, in the form of a plug-in for Pentaho Community edition users on the Pentaho marketplace for global users and developers. This innovative and enriched plug-in aims to serve as a dashboard module for business analyst to independently, create reusable widgets / dashboards and is sure to benefit the community with its visually appealing features, dashboards and Pentaho reporting.


What Makes SPEC INDIA’s Self Service Reporting Tool a Step Ahead of the Rest?

  • Robust BI framework
  • Integration of any chart library (CE: Ctools, EE: Highchart, Fusion, echart)
  • Integration of any data source Layer (CDA – Community Dashboard Access SQL, Saiku Open Source)
  • Creation of Flexy Cube (Our own self-created data source component for easy integration) for star-schema based database

Why Pentaho Business Analytics?

Pentaho BI suite can help enterprises manage all of this through its well proven stack. It is a complete suite of Pentaho analytics for BI, Big Data & Data Integration. Pentaho Open Source community offers modern, integrated and Embeddable platform built for accessing virtually all types of data sources including Big Data. Pentaho tightly couples data integration with business analytics to easily access, mine, visualize, and explore all data that impacts business results. Assisting organizations to frame their future towards analytics, Pentaho Consulting excels in any type of BI requirement apart from its proficiency in Traditional BI, Embedded BI, Mobile BI, Self Service BI, Agile BI and Predictive BI.

Key Advantages

  • Open source(free) and scalable subscription model
  • Complete suites of analytics tools
  • Maximize and Quicker RoI
  • High Performance & Scalable
  • Modular and Pluggable
  • Wide spread global usage
  • Extensive success track record
  • Limitless and Interactive visual analysis
  • Graphical and Responsive Dashboard
  • Highly Competitive cost of ownership
  • Easy Customization and embedding
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Open Architecture and Open source framework (100% Java Cross Platform)
  • Greater productivity with Visual ETL
  • Power to access, prepare and blend data
  • Powerful administration and Management
  • Multi-tenancy deployment capability
  • Powerful Data Mining & Predictive Analytics
  • Flexible Embedded Architecture for deploying in the cloud
  • Scalable to large concurrent users and tight security

Our Pentaho Services

Business Analytics
  • BA Server setup and configuration
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Adhoc Analysis / Self Service BI
Data Integration
  • DI Server setup and configuration
  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL/ELT/ETLT Design and Development
  • Data Quality & Management
  • Agile BI
Custom Visualization
  • CTools Setup and configuration
  • Tailored Dashboard Design and Development
Big Data Analytics
  • Blended Data Integration
  • Data Integration – Hadoop and MongoDB
  • Analytics – Hadoop
  • Analytics MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • Pentaho Software Upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
  • Auditing
  • BI User/Group/Object Administration
  • Migrate to higher Pentaho versions
  • Migrate From Other BI Tools to Pentaho
Embed Pentaho (OEM)
  • Customize Pentaho User Console for Re-Branding
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Custom Theme
  • Customized Widgets
  • Embed Pentaho Component to 3rd party application

Our Umbrella of Pentaho Product Stack

Pentaho EE (Server)
  • Pentaho BA Server
  • Pentaho BI Platform
  • Pentaho Analysis Service (Mondrian)
  • Pentaho Dashboard Design
  • Pentaho Analyzer
    Pentaho Interactive Reporting
  • Pentaho Data Access
  • Pentaho Mobile
Pentaho CE (Server)
  • Pentaho BI Platform
  • Pentaho Analysis Services / Pentaho Analytics
  • CTools
  • Community Charting Components(CCC)
  • Community Dashboard Editor(CDE)
  • Community Build Framework(CBF)
  • Community Data Access(CDA)
  • Saiku / Saiku Reporting
  • Weka
Pentaho EE / CE (Client)
  • Client Applications
  • Pentaho Data lntegration(aka KETTLE)
  • Pentaho Report Designer
  • Pentaho Metadata Editor
  • Pentaho Aggregate Designer
  • Pentaho Schema Workbench
  • Pentaho Design Studio