What Is DevSecOps? In 200 Words


October 25, 2019


June 29th, 2023



DevSecOps Refers To ‘DevOps With Integrated Security.’

DevSecOps promotes ‘security is a shared responsibility’ culture wherein security is not a responsibility for only one specific team, but everyone in the team is accountable for security.

DevSecOps aims to integrate security controls in the early stage of software development, rather than implementing at the end.

As data security has become one of the pain points in today’s data-driven world, an organization must include security as an integral part of the entire life cycle. DevSecOps includes security standards from every aspect including infrastructure, data, and network, ensuring secure, reliable, and transparent software solutions.

DevSecOps helps organizations comply with data regulation acts like GDPR, ISO, and CCPA that are designed to protect an individual’s personal data.

DevSecOps Helps Organizations With:

  • Ensuring your software meets every security standard
  • Integrating security measures from the start of development
  • Fostering closer collaboration between teams for security
  • Automating security with the latest tools and concepts at every level

DevSecOps has gained momentum as one of the popular devops trends in the development field and it will continue to attract the IT industry in upcoming years.

Organizations are using a combination of DevSecOps and GDPR to build next-gen solutions with security and quality.


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