What Is ETL? Understand In 200 Words


October 28, 2019


June 29th, 2023

Extract, Transform and Load – ETL, forms the fundamental process behind any kind of data management.

ETL – Extraction, Transformation and Loading, is a trilogy of processes that collects varied source data from heterogeneous databases and transforms them into disparate data warehouses.


  • Reads data from multiple data sources and extracts required set of data
  • Recovers necessary data with optimum usage of resources
  • Should not disturb data sources, performance and functioning


  • Filtration, cleansing and preparation of data extracted, with lookup tables
  • Authentication of records, refutation and integration of data
  • Data to be sorted, filtered, cleared, standardized, translated or verified for consistency


  • Writing data output, after extraction and transformation to a data warehouse
  • Either physical insertion of record as a new row in database table or link processes for each record from the main source



  • Brings out meaningful patterns & insights
  • Converts assorted data into a consistent format
  • Aids derive business intelligence from data
  • Contains readily usable components
  • Effortlessly manages complex transformation
  • Offers maximized RoI

Future of ETL

  • Unified data management architecture
  • Data lakes
  • ETL and cloud
  • Machine learning with data integration

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