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What Is Internet Of Everything (IoE)? Understand In 200 Words


November 19, 2019


June 29th, 2023

IoE, the Internet of Everything is the term introduced by Cisco to define IoT (Internet of Things) in a broad and comprehensive outlook.

It’s a networked connection of people, things, data, and processes to enable continuous and connected everything for organizations, individuals, and industries.

The major difference between IoT and IoE is, IoT refers to the connection of physical objects over network whereas IoE includes people and processes as main components.

It represents connectivity, intelligence, and greater effectiveness by connecting everything


  • Smart home appliances
  • Utility and energy control
  • Traffic control using sensors
  • Health/fitness devices
  • Smart vehicles
  • Defense and advanced analytics
  • Cybersecurity


Every ‘smart’ object is a part of IoE. And it encompasses people and processes as key drivers.

The aim of IoE is to connect people and processes, collect information, perform data-based decision making and deliver the ultimate experience to customers.


  • Increased productivity
  • More accurate results
  • Cost and time reduction
  • Smart data management
  • Better health outcomes
  • Energy efficiency and optimization

IoE-driven transformation in every industry enables next-gen operations with greater accuracy and helps facilitate the fourth industrial revolution that further creates unprecedented opportunities.

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