Android Wear – Wherever, Whenever

  • Posted on : September 9, 2014
  • Modified: January 8, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Android ,   Wearables

Technology for the users and not for technology’s sakes is the motto of Android Wear. Throughout this year there have been regular updates to Wear and more and more gadgets especially watches are becoming available with Android Wear. It really started early this year when Android launched Wear with the first watches LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. These wearables, be it Smart Watches or Google Glass; put the world into a completely different perspective to show us the world as we might want to see it, just with simple gestures and commands. So wherever, whenever our Android Wear powered device is technology that moves with us.




And we all know, love and yearn for all of these funky wearables; some round, some square, some promised and some already in our lives.

  • The Moto 360
  • Asus Zen Watch
  • LG G Watch R
  • Sony SmartWatch 3

The promised Offline Music Playback and GPS support would add up to innumerable possibilities on these devices. The downloadable watch faces would actually turn the personalized context into a reality. We would see the information that means the most to us and not what someone else shows us. Customizing the design on the watch to squeeze in our favourite apps and sensors would be very exciting.

Android Wear – Taking Our Information with Us

  • My Information
    • The innumerable applications make sure that all the information of interest is with us all the time. The latest posts and updates from social media, chats, news, shopping….. The list is endless. And what’s more, this is the information that moves with us where in the context of our location.
  • “OK Google”
    • Ask anything about a book to be published, a recipe, the weather or do anything like booking a movie ticket or ordering food or buying a gift. Just by saying “OK Google”.
  • Health and Fitness
    • We would turn Android into our personal coach who constantly reminds us of our exercise routines, how much calories are needed to be burnt, all while walking, jogging or cycling.
  • Control Everything Around
    • Let us control all our funky gadgets all around. Let the heating start, record the favorite program while in an important meeting or even set the reminder for birthdays.

All in all it is useful information that moves with us. With hundreds of useful apps with Android Wear we can surely say “OK Google life is exciting!!”


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