AR And IoT Merger: A Promise For Better Connected World


January 28, 2020


December 22nd, 2022


We envision a future where everything will be connected.

No matter what business case is, technologies are completely remodeling business structures. Every organization is exploring various technologies and combinations of technologies to become one of the trendsetters out there.

Whatever we say, we can’t deny the fact that technology is leading the way. From farms, fields, to the factories and rooms, digitization is everywhere. Technologies and concepts such as IoT, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data have already disrupted the industry with faster and efficient ways of working. If we talk about the current status of IoT and try to predict the future, here is the eye-opening statistics from Statista.

According to Statista the installed base of the Internet of Things devices is estimated to grow to almost 31 billion in 2020.

IoT_2015-2025IoT is all set to redefine the way industry works and communicates. Top of this, the tech world is experimenting with the never-before scenarios by combining the technologies and innovative concepts, for an instance, IoT and AR, IoT and AI, IoT and DevOps, and so on.

AR And IoT: Merely Hype OR An Era Of Innovation?

What do you feel?

Does IoT Mean Only Automation? No, It’s More Than That

When it comes to the IoT Solutions, we believe it is all about automation. That’s correct. But in the underlying model, there is a great potential to remodel the existing enterprise processes structure.

IoT Is Continuous Connectivity And Communication

Today, every industry vertical has plans to invest more in technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, concepts like IoT, where there will be more focus on machine-driven and data-driven environments; industries are embracing this shift and willing to become part of the digital revolution.

But those are very less. Let us make it clear.

According to one Deloitte report,

Only 14 percent of CXOs are highly confident their organizations are ready to fully leverage industry 4.0 changes.

Also, a quarter of CXOs surveyed are certain they have the right workforce and skills sets needed for the future, while 84 percent saying they are putting every possible effort to create a workforce for Industry 4.0.

If you are not aware of the term Industry 4.0, read on to know that.

Industry 4.0 is the fourth revolution that talks about advanced and automated ways to work. This term is broadly recognized as the digital transformation that will impact society, people, and businesses.

Embrace The Way Future Brings: IoT + Augmented Reality

This is a world where ideas become trends at a fast pace like never before.

Today is the time where big organizations are betting big on augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Solutions have already crossed boundaries beyond entertainment.

According to a report from Statista, by this year ends, AR devices are estimated to generate 118 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

Certainly, IoT will change the way industry work, but when combined with AR, the industry will be speaking the language of automation. It is time to explore the possible use cases of AR and IoT.

IoT gives real-time access to data and AR can help blur the line between the physical and digital world.

Where AR-IoT Merger Can Be Used? Are You Interested To Become An Early Adopter?

Well, there are endless possibilities.

For example, the physical IoT devices can provide real-time data and that data can be visualized more precisely using augmented reality on mobile devices.

Learning Will Be More Accurate, Engaging, And Interactive

Many potential use cases of this merger are under development and one of them is learning.

Learning is a constant, on-demand, and interactive process. At present, a number of apps and tools are offering immersive experiences to the learners. Physical learning spaces are being transformed into more interactive, live, and appealing environments with an aim to enhance learning.

AR-IoT combination will make learning more powerful with the use of fully-immersive guidelines, tutorials, objects, and communications.

Production And Manufacturing Industries Can See Huge Benefits With AR Visualization And IoT Connectivity

To understand this, you need to understand the following fact.

IoT generates a large number of data and AR can help visualize that with the help of immersive surroundings

Augmented Reality and Internet of Things merger in the manufacturing industry can bring competitive advantages. Put it simply, the data gathered by IoT devices can be visualized through AR to maximize its visibility and usability.

As per this source, DHL’s logistics division DHL supply chain has recently announced that it is going to invest $300 million in emerging technologies like RPA(Robotics Process Automation), IoT, and AR.

This investment is about a holistic view of emerging technologies that enable our customers to achieve their growth and profitability goals,” said DHL Supply Chain North America CEO Scott Sureddin when asked for this technology upgrade.

One more example from the manufacturing industry, global manufacturer Caterpillar Inc. uses AR for their engineers to complete maintenance tasks more effectively.

Here’s the video from Caterpillar Inc. representing the use of IoT and AR:

AR-IoT technologies make experiences more meaningful and effective by providing smart, real-time, and intelligent insights. It would open door to the new possibilities that can offer predictive maintenance, automation, preventive actions, and overall enhanced experience.

Retail Transactions Will Be More Customer-Focused And Engaging

Retail is already thriving with the help of business intelligence, big data, IoT, and AR/VR. In order to offer a seamless shopping experience, retailers are capitalizing on next-level technologies.

In addition to that, such a merger of AR and IoT can be leveraged to offer more personalized and interactive shopping experience.

Healthcare Industry Will Be Considerably Benefited By This Combination

Augmented reality has already paved the way in the healthcare industry by giving 360-degree, immersive, and the digital environment in the physical world. It gives detailed understanding, transparency, and accuracy to the doctors, patients and also to the medical students in learning.

With the use of various IoT devices and sensors, organizations are able to gather patients’ data and records for better study and diagnosis in the real-time. Patients become more aware of their health situations with the help of the fitness activity trackers.

Healthcare organizations can use these records and visualize with the help of augmented reality to create better healthcare plans.

Designers, Architectures Will Bring More Accuracy To Their Designs And Plans

Many of us are already aware of how IKEA is leveraging AR to offer the best customer experience. AR is there, but when merged with IoT, it gives meticulous and real-time insights to designers and architectures to create plans for factories, societies, and cities.

Interior designers also can use the profitable mixture of AR and IoT to observe inner and outer surfaces and then come up with suitable designs. Architectures can use data from IoT enabled devices and get access to the newest possibilities of designs considering the overall structure of building/space. This video shows how virtual elements give superior experience in understanding the process.

As we are moving towards the more connected world, the combination of Internet of Things and Augmented Reality is gaining the attention of entrepreneurs, industrialists, industry leaders, and venture capitalists.

What This IoT-AR Blend Will Offer?

The fourth industrial revolution is here.

These emerging technologies are here to stay and it will have a major impact on how people work and communicate.

The Benefits Of The IoT AR Merger Are:

  • Safety and Efficiency: The enterprises will be ensuring a safe, efficient, and correct way to accomplish transactions.
  • Visualization: Through the use of AR devices, visualization of data or an object can gain the attraction of users.
  • Standardization: At each level, every transaction will be analyzed, examined, and visualized before proceeding further.
  • New Revenue Streams: You will able to make more insightful and real-time decisions that will help your business grow with new revenue channels.
  • Rapidity: All transactions can be completed faster with superior efficiency and quality.
  • Simplified decision-making: Real-time decisions for all complex procedures.
There Are Some Barriers To Beat In This AR-enabled IoT Implementation.

At present, the following factors can be hurdles if you are thinking to become the first mover:

  • The high-speed networks which are pricey
  • Trained resources and support team
  • Need for suitable hardware equipment at each enterprise level
  • Frequently changes and replacements of technologies
  • No sufficient proof of concepts for better understanding
  • Digital infrastructure needs to be apt, efficient, and ready for the change
Technologies Made Us Think What Our Future Looks Like.

These types of mergers will recreate the business models. But, before you jump into the implementation of those, you need to analyze every factor and then decide whether your organization is compatible with the technology shift or not.

Enterprises need to adopt such advanced technologies in order to drive business growth. IoT and AR can have boundless use cases if used correctly. If you have any idea in your mind or you wish to be an early adopter, you can take the help of experts who not only know these technologies thoroughly but can suggest some potential use cases keeping your requirements at the center.

It’s a time to gain a competitive advantage; take your first step with us!

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