15 Best Atom Themes For Atom Text Editor


July 21, 2021


August 11th, 2023

A hackable text editor for the 21st Century – this sentence has an interesting meaning.

Here, the meaning of hackable doesn’t mean easily attackable or vulnerable, it means it is highly customizable and you can configure it the way you want.

Curious to know what we are talking about? We are talking about Atom Text Editor.

Text editors have come a long way and have now become an integral part of the whole development lifecycle. A text editor is one of the main products in the developer’s toolbox. Along with time, text editors have become advanced and integrated with modern concepts like continuous integration and collaboration. Atom Editor is popular among developers and is one of the best code editors developed and maintained by Github.


Atom Editor comes with support for plug-ins written in JavaScript, embedded Git control, and third-party packages and themes to customize the look and feel of the editor.

In this article, we are talking about the best atom themes that help developers improve the developer experience and bring clarity to the development environment. It is more than color and layout. We have also covered the best VSCode themes in our previous article and with this post, we present top themes for atom that are used and appreciated by developers.

Atom themes are available in two types – Atom UI themes and Atom Syntax themes.

Syntax themes add styles and syntax coloring to the code for each supporting language, and UI themes provide styles for the UI elements such as tabs, tree view, dropdowns, and status bar.

How To Install Atom Themes?

You can install an Atom theme from the Settings menu of the Atom Editor or simply you can use a command-line tool to install the atom theme. However, you will require Atom Package Manager if you choose to install the atom theme from the command line.

Steps To Install Atom Theme From The Editor

  • Open Editor and click on the File > Settings Menu in the Menu Bar
  • Navigate to Install in the left sidebar
  • Install theme and make sure you have selected themes from the toggle button before you search particular theme

After theme installation, you can activate it from the Themes panel. Atom will add syntax themes to syntax dropdown and UI theme to UI dropdown from which you have to select a particular theme to activate.

Note: You can find all Atom Themes in the Atom Theme Directory. At the time of writing this, it contains 3,158 themes. Atom already offers dark atom themes


Best Atom Themes: Top 15 Themes For Atom Editor

  • Atom Material UI And Atom Material Syntax Theme
  • Dracula Syntax and Dracula UI Theme
  • Monokai Theme
  • Seti-UI
  • City Lights UI and City Light Syntax Theme
  • Isotope UI
  • Accents UI
  • Atom Visual Studio Code UI
  • Native UI
  • Styri Syntax
  • Nord Atom UI
  • Dash UI and Dash Syntax Theme
  • One Dark UI
  • Pristine UI
  • Unity UI

Here we go. Let’s know more about top atom themes one by one.

Atom Material UI And Atom Material Syntax Theme:

Atom Material theme is a very popular theme among developers that follows Google’s Material Design Guidelines. This dynamic UI theme works best with the Atom Material Syntax theme. This Atom Material theme is inspired by Mattia Astorino’s Sublime Text theme. Dark and light variants of this theme are also available.

Material UI and Material Syntax – both together make the look and feel of the editor more colorful, elegant, and clear. It supports different accent colors that you can change on its Settings page. This theme is featured in Atom Theme Directory as it is one of the most downloaded and most-used themes for Atom.

Image Source: github.com
Image Source: github.com

Dracula Syntax And Dracula UI Theme:

The well-balanced shades of colors and dark background of this theme make it extraordinary and well-designed. It can be paired with the Dracula Syntax theme for a great developer experience with icons, styles, and syntax highlighting. Dracula UI theme is based on dark backgrounds and it’s one of the most popular themes ever created.

Dracula UI and Syntax both are the highest-rated and trending themes for atom.

Image Source: github
Image Source: github

Monokai Theme:

This Monokai theme is converted from the TextMate theme using the TextMate bundle converter. It is a top-rated syntax theme for Atom. Colorful syntax highlighting and styles of this theme make it aesthetically pleasing and also bring readability and clarity to the code.

Image Source: github.com

Seti UI:

Seti UI has a dark interface. It is specially created for Atom Text Editor with subtle colors that are easy on the eyes. It can be paired with the Seti Syntax theme for matching preference and style. It is one of the popular atom themes and is available in 8 theme colors to choose from.

Recently, it has been updated with a streamlined and clean interface. It offers a slightly tweaked color scheme, additional icons, and UI improvements.

Image Source: github.com

City Lights UI And City Lights Syntax Theme:

It is a beautiful dark matte theme for Atom that is designed keeping the developer’s focus in mind. It can be used with the City Lights Syntax theme and City Lights Icon Package for the best developer experience. It includes an optimized Search & Replace toolbar, interface icons, and nicely designed error messages that are customized for this theme. City Light Syntax supports over eight of the most popular coding languages.

Both themes are a part of City Lights, a suite of themes for Atom and Visual Studio Code. It is created by Yummygum, a popular digital agency from Amsterdam.

Image Source: github.com
Image Source: github.com

Isotope UI:

With well-balanced typography, easy-on-the-eyes background, color contrast, and whitespace, Isotope UI is a clean and configurable theme for Atom Editor. It adapts to match any syntax theme and you can change its appearance the way you want and that is too, quickly. It offers several fonts to choose from or match the editor’s font. You will be able to choose between a flat or gradient background. You can also choose any image as background in this theme.

A light version of this theme is also available.

Image Source: github

Accents UI:

Accents UI theme is designed to offer a subtle interface for distraction-free coding with colored accents. You can configure the colors on the theme’s Settings page. It also recommends a few colors that work best with the theme.

Image Source: atom.io

Atom Visual Studio Code UI:

If you are familiar to work with Visual Studio Code, then this theme is for you! This theme aims to offer an exact feeling of working with VS Code. This can be paired with a monokai syntax theme to enjoy a great workflow and improved productivity. There are two versions of this theme – light, and dark. You can add a left toolbar same as VS Code editor by adding several lines of code.

Enjoy the experience of Visual Studio Code in Atom!

Image Source: github.com

Native UI:

It brings macOS’ looks to Atom Editor. It lets the user enjoy a native feeling while coding. Sleek design without any redundant transitions and fancy effects makes this theme clean, elegant, and easy-on-the-eye. It offers a distraction-free and native experience that is loved by users. It offers structured search results, tab behavior known from Finder, macOS transparent blur effect, and Apple’s new system font San Francisco.

Image Source: github.com

Styri Syntax:

Styri is a colorful and intuitive syntax theme for Atom. It has got a number of downloads because of its elegant styles, syntax highlighting, and perfectly chosen colors. It is a modern and cool theme for atom editor.

Image Source: github

Nord Atom UI:

Nord Atom UI can be used together with the Nord Atom Syntax theme to get a uniform user experience. It is an arctic, north-bluish clean, and elegant minimal theme for Atom. It aims to offer a fluent and clear workflow based on the Nord color palette that fits the Nord Atom Syntax theme.

Nord UI and Syntax theme fluidly merge and offer a clean, clutter-free, and unified developer experience. It is one of the most-rated atom themes.

Image Source: github.com
Image Source: atom.io

Dash UI And Dash Syntax Theme:

Dash UI, paired with Dash Syntax offers a vibrant look and feel of the editor with colorful elements and styles. It is available in many colors and provides users with a colorful coding environment with a dark background for a clean and consistent experience.

Image Source: github.com
Image Source: github.com 

One Dark UI:

It is a popular dark theme that adapts to most syntax themes. It comes bundled with Atom and can be activated by going to the settings > themes section. It is a default UI and syntax theme for Atom. It can be customized for certain areas.

Image Source: github.com

 Pristine UI:

This theme is based on One Dark UI Theme. You can use it with duotone dark sky syntax for amazing interface and styles. You can modify font and tab sizes. It gives developers a neat and clean coding experience with contrast shades of selective colors and styles.

Image Source: github.com

Unity UI:

This Unity UI theme offers a more native experience on OS X. Enjoy OS X like experience in your favorite code editor with similar colors, styles, fonts, and bars.

Image Source: github

Atom Text Editor: Increase Productivity And Improve Workflow With Best Atom Themes

Atom Text Editor is a modern and feature-rich text editor with support for plug-ins written in JavaScript and embedded Git control. It is a desktop application built using web technologies. It is fully customizable in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A developer not only requires a good code editor but also needs good themes that help them make their code cleaner, readable, and faster. A good coding theme can enhance developers’ workflow, increase productivity, and improve the developer experience.

You can select any theme that suits your needs and you can try different themes for a better experience. Pick any theme that offers ease of coding and a pleasant coding experience. If you are using a theme that is not listed here, you can mention it in the comments and we will include that.

Share your views about top atom themes!

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