Beacon App Development the New Age Trend for Warehouse Management

  • Posted on : January 22, 2018
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Internet of Things becomes the only way of life today pushing innovative technology like the beacons to drive ingenious solutions.IoT becomes the uncontested influencer for millennial age mobile apps too.

Smart warehouses are the call of the day and enterprises are making heavy investments in IoT to improve productivity & supply management across the value chain. Warehouse Management no longer remains an unorganized &limited control affair with the tiny beacons enticing patrons & becoming an integral part of the process.Beacon App Development is trending more than ever and beacons in enterprise mobility are revolutionizing business!

Beacon App Development the New Age Trend for Warehouse Management

Beacons in Action for Warehouse Management

Beacons manage the most intricate of the operations for warehouse management bringing in indispensable purposefulness.

Warehouse Mapping

Using beacons, it is possible to plan out comprehensive warehouse mapping and ensure each & every area is under appropriate supervision. Organizations can break up the warehouse blueprint using a mapping software aligned to the warehouse management system, and define square sized areas that can be fed into the system.

Accessible points with appropriate connectivity can be identified for beacon placements. This will help in asset identification, as well as to determine if each area of the warehouse is being used optimally.

Asset tracking

The base utility of leveraging beacons for warehouse management is the ease and efficiency they render to the tracking process. By placing beacons at monitoring & access points in the warehouse, and effectively integrating the same with the mobile app or appropriate software, real-time tracking of every asset in the warehouse can be covered.

This ensures that warehouse staff is not wasting their productivity to manually search or scan for products and can locate the same with just a single click, or by following directions on their smartphone.

The identification process for an asset is complete when it enters the warehouse as an entry is made into the system, however, the next challenge is asset location, which Beacon/iBeacon App Development help mitigate seamlessly.

Optimize Physical Space

Space is always a constraint with warehouses, especially for growing businesses that are constantly trying to meet the demands of the community. Beacons ensure that appropriate feeds are provided to the mapping software, which eventually gives insightful statistics preventing understocking &under utilization.

Warehouse Utilization Statistics through Beacons

  • Percentage product that can be stocked
  • Free space per unit
  • Total available physical space

Track Environment Control

Certain commodities, such as perishable items, medicines or relief packets require specific temperatures for preservation. In a large-scale warehouse, it would be nearly impossible to periodically track the preferred temperature in all units as per the category of product stored.

Beacons provide an easy way for such scenarios by regularly keeping a track on unit or area temperature and feeding the same to tracking & asset management system.

Automated correction is also possible by combining beacons with IoT for environment management in a warehouse, and beacons also help trigger manual alerts or alarms based on the predefined configuration for sensitive goods & commodities.

Warehouse Software & Beacon App DevelopmentProcess

beacon app & warehouse

Study & Strategy Planning

The feasibility of leveraging beacons & IoT is well examined before making any decisions that impact technology roadmap & warehouse management. It is vital to determine from the start what kind of benefits are expected from beacons, what kind of networking, communication & alerting process will be followed to ensure there is a robust business case that justifies the value of the investment.
Integration Strategy

The warehouse management system, mobile apps that are compatible with beacons and appropriate integration systems that can fed data to analytics are the next step. From the technology perspective, this is the key area before routine operations commence.

Routine Operations

When all systems are ready and beacons are placed at the appropriate locations in the warehouse and the mobile beacons are paired with the assets themselves, the next step is to commence tracking and routine operations.
Beacons technology is not just limited to push notifications, it also assists with proactive tracking. The warehouse operator can access the system online via a tab or smartphone, search for the asset and by just clicking a button, can produce a beeping sound that leads him or her straight to the storage unit.

Benefits of Beacons in the Warehouse

It goes without saying that the advantages are numerous when Beacon/iBeacon App Development is integrated into warehouse management software.

Enhanced Security

Effective tracking empowered with a warehouse management system is just the front-face benefit of leveraging beacon technology. Beacons also enable the system to engage a certain level of security, keep a tab on overall asset inventory, and raise alarms for misplaced assets, or unauthorized entry to certain assets or zones within the warehouse.

Furthermore, beacons use Bluetooth technology, and for short distances can help provide secure data exchange.

Improved Productivity & Inventory Management

Beacons allow enterprises to make the most of mobility based efficient tracking. The era of digitization within warehouse systems can truly be realized by leveraging beacons technology.

High integration with warehouse management systems completely eliminates the need for manual asset scanning, manual tracking and manual recording of shipping dates. Automation ushered in by beacons maximizes warehouse efficiency and make the human effort more fruitful.

Other than asset management, beacons can also provide inputs to the warehouse management system on employee utilization and human movement. Beacons also ensure that the communication mechanism for tracking is lightning fast as compared to manual, human communication.

Beacons in conjunction with warehouse management software maintain real-time records of product that is still fresh, about to expire or requires immediate disposal as expiry date is already breached.

This requires human intervention, but the system acts as a differentiator by providing concrete inputs.

Environment Friendliness

Beacon technology enables BLE based communication for warehouse management. Overall carbon footprint improves by leveraging beacon technology with warehouse management system.

Determine Key Performance Indicators

A warehouse is not the simplest piece in the supply chain when it comes to management.

Tracking seasonal trends, meeting demand spikes, ensuring error-free shipment, minimize losses on goods movement and enabling best possible communication within all units is a difficult task. Beacons play a vital role in empowering the warehouse management system get a grasp on different KPI’s, and gauge if the warehouse is performing as per optimal standards.

Beacons for a Digital Transformation

Beacon/iBeacon App Development brings digital transformation across industries in a smart & affordable way.

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Logistics management too gets an edge with beacon deployment, as the organization tracks every aspect of its warehouse and also keep a tab on workers via wearables &location based tracking. Integration with mobile technologies along with IoT & beacons enables enterprises to chart a digital transformation roadmap for warehouse management.

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