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January 27, 2016


May 2nd, 2023

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Satisfying Customer experiences are the driving force behind the success of enterprises all across the industries and domains. Hospitality is a tricky piece of business to crack, simply because beyond feeling the pulse of the market, the enterprise needs to understand the psyche of each and every visitor, their choices, preferences and concerns.

Tiny but intense, proximity based BLE devices like the iBeacons and the Beacons open up a lot of interesting possibilities for grabbing guest attention and keeping them enticed. An engaging and happy stay or a memorable dining experience for the patrons of the hospitality industry, which can be broadly divided into hotels and restaurants goes a long way in establishing loyalty.

Beacon app development becomes an important focus area for enterprise solutions providers to hotels & the hospitality industry in general. Discussions say that 2016 is all set to become the year of the beacons.

beacon app development

Guest Engagement at Hotels

Remaining connected with every guest before, during and after the duration of stay is a key to have oneness with them. Modern day technologies provide platforms to implement solutions facilitating personalization, better services and increased convenience to the visitors.

Techniques like Big Data, Analytics, Mobile Technologies, Cloud and of course the concepts related to the Internet of Things allow creation of practical solutions for increased benefits for the hotel, besides of course keeping the visitors happy.

Benefits of Keeping the Guests Engaged

benefits of beacon

With possibilities of a hotel using multiple systems combined to have a one stop enterprise solution, a robust Guest Engagement Solution integrates with the appropriate components and becomes an indispensable part of the solution itself throughout the Guest Experience Lifecycle in a Hotel.

Beacons Creating Unforgettable Digital Guest Experiences

Beacons and iBeacons in sync with the entire solution for the hospitality enterprises bring enhancements to the complete guest experience life cycles by keeping the guests engaged. Beacon app development meticulously designs seamless integration into these lifecycles along with personalization tactics.

The Guest Experience Life Cycle

beacon life cycle

Pre Stay

Personalization is easily the most effective method of grabbing attention of patrons by sharing with them details more likely of interest and relevance depending on various preferences.

book now

        • Time of the year
        • Cost
        • Property
        • Place
        • Personal Needs


Technologies like Big Data & Analytics provide the relevant data capture and insights to deliver this model by profiling customers. Platforms like social media integrated into this experience makes the communications more trending.

Check In

check in

Sensor based and Bluetooth low energy technologies like beacons take charge of many experience enhancing tasks once the guests arrive. The implementations get smart and smarter every passing day with IoT taking charge in a hotel and connecting multiple sensor based devices to the solutions availed on-premise or over the Cloud for software as well as infrastructure throughout the guest experience life cycle.

A beacon at Check-in recognizes the guest, avails the booking details and personalization details to complete the check in process without the waiting and formalities at the reception.

Push notifications on the Hotel App takes charge of the guest and acts as a personal assistant all throughout the stay for a hassle free guest experience at the touch of a finger or a voice command, all in a language preferred.

In Stay

is room good

During the stay, a practical Bluetooth based approach powered by the Beacons tracks the movements of the guests and constantly offers suggestions and convenient options.

          • Keyless Access

A digitally activated room key created upon check-in makes the smartphone an access key to the guest room and other facilities like swimming pool, spa, gym and restaurants.

When the guest is in the proximity the key is validated and access to the venue is provided without any keying-ins or tappings.

          • Moving Around Within the Property

A series of beacons placed strategically track the location of the guests and guide them to the locations intended. Preferred locations from the past history can be pointed out too when in the vicinity.

Positioning of the beacons becomes as important as Beacon app development itself.

          • In-Room Comforts

in room comfort

The Beacon inside the room senses when the guest is inside the room and takes charge in terms of altering room lights and temperature, switching on the TV or putting the kettle to boil. All in accordance with what the guest likes!

The Hotel App in charge of these actions is in the guest’s control to change the actions.

          • Services from Inside the Room

It goes without saying that all the commonly used services like room service, laundry, housekeeping requests are personalized and activated depending upon the guest’s presence inside the room detected by the beacons, the time of the day and of course the preferences recorded.

The personal requirements become a very important factor while ordering food through room service as it keeps track of the specific allergies and medical requirements of the guest.

          • Location Specific Offers

The correct notification at the correct location pushed to a guest device increases the chances of the guest availing more services bringing in increased revenues.

Location of the guest is constantly tracked using a series of beacons making it very conducive to carry out this marketing practice with precision. The conversion rates of such an exercise are bound to be much higher than not.


check out

Guests digitally check out or extend their stays using a comprehensive hotel app with payment gateways integrated appropriately. A seamless, hassle free check out follows personalized farewell and thank you messages as beacons sense and alert when the guests are actually leaving the property.

Post Stay

Customer relationships are maintained effectively after the stay and constant and subtle marketing continues in form of loyalty programs or awareness campaigns.

The interesting thing is that a beacon does come into picture when a guest is in the vicinity of the hotel and gets into action by sharing interesting offers and happenings of the hotels.

In a Nutshell

Beacons seamlessly integrate with contemporary solutions in the Hospitality Industry for improved Guest Experiences and hence Engagement, making this tiny device a big thing today Beacon app development becomes a rage and why not! It is not every day that a little guest checks in!

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