Big Data Analytics Provides A Powerful Thrust To Oil & Gas Companies


June 6, 2016

Bigger the domain area, larger is the data quotient, higher is the requirement of data processing and drilling and greater is the need for a comprehensive solution to deal with this all. Yes, this is about one of the big size industry reigning today – the Oil & Gas industry zone. With bulk of data getting collected over the years, spread across geographies and an incessant need to extract this data to get the best of information from it, the single stop solution that comes to our mind is Big Data Analytics. That is the most in-demand solution today, aiming towards fulfilling client expectations in this industry with utmost satisfaction and in-depth knowledge.

Big Data Analytics in Oil & Gas companies aims towards collecting and processing data which is gathered, over a period of time, owing to the drilling of wells over these years and the latest findings done by the experts. Gone are the days when Big Data used to be only for the big conglomerates. It is now available for all and has becomes more user friendly with more sophisticated features than before, handy for those who look to excel in competition with peers and wish to make the best out of the voluminous data that they have.

With huge expansions in the oil and gas industry, it is becoming highly significant to collect the huge sensor data from the numerous oil wells to manage and monitor the assets. Enterprises can now harness the power of Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and MongoDB to collect and analyse all these drilling and production information. This will surely help them reduce expenses, gather deep insight into the performance and thereby assist them in lessening safety issues and increasing productivity and profitability.

Key Areas that can Benefit with Big Data Analytics, in Oil & Gas Companies

Big Data Analytics

  • Security

With such sensitive data floating around, oil and gas companies find it very essential to find out any kind of security threat that is prevailing around and could harm the set up in any way. Big Data Analytics possesses the potential to identify any type of security mishap that is possibly around and can well in time, provide real-time analytics to show possible solutions to avoid them, well in advance. Any type of anomaly while drilling or exploration can be identified prior to its occurrence and hence the unit or processing can be shut down to avoid further mishaps. The overall health and safety of oil rigs and drills can be ascertained through the patterns and figures being displayed through the analytical dashboards and reports.

  • Maintenance and Performance

There is huge amount of sensor data that gets generated through the equipments which are being used for oil and gas production and drilling. This data can be easily used, through Big Data Analytics, to figure out the health of the equipments and in a way, analyse which machines could be the prime reasons of failure or shutdown and when. Its preventive maintenance could guide towards safe and non-hazardous measures, in turn, towards a smooth operation.

  • Production

In order to increase the recovery of oil from wells and to adhere by pre-defined production schedules, Big Data Analytics surely comes as a power booster to help companies perform at its best. The information extracted helps the staff to find out the needed changes in the schedules so as to achieve the best of production and the much needed one too. It also acts as a medium to collate all the different types of data like production, drilling and maintenance, so as to predict, forecast and look beyond, for further analysis and action.

  • New Prospects

Since Big Data Analytics provide a large amount of geographical spread information, it becomes quite an easy task for field managers to extract the possible prospective areas for oil fields and thereby, increase their geo width and reach.

  • Maximizing the potential of the 3 V’s

As we all know, Big Data is all about the 3 V’s – Volume, Variety, and Velocity. In this case, Big Data Analytics in Oil and Gas companies harnesses the 3 V’s to its best extracting the most from each one of them. Be it any amount of data, any type or variety and with any type of speed, the latest Big Data tools are able to match up to the client expectations and give you much more than you ever thought of.

You can hardly recognize the inherent depth and potential of Big Data Solutions. Getting the best of information about your valuable customers and prospects, helping enterprises create more of clients from prospects, giving a valuable view into the market condition and peer actions, understanding the changing pulse of the market and increase operational efficiency are some of the many benefits that are a highlight with Big Data Analytics.

SPEC INDIA has been consistently providing quality solutions in BI and Big Data technology. Our BI and Analytics portfolio showcases excellent capabilities to structure, curate, analyze and handle all your data with prudence. With implementation expertise in Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB and BI technologies like Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Microsoft and Tableau, we excel in building custom database solutions for our enriched client base, along with advanced BI reporting services. We are global certified partners of Pentaho and officially figure in the Pentaho Partner Network List. We also provide highly skilled BI and Big Data hiring services, available on hourly / monthly / yearly basis for onsite and offsite engagement.

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