Business Intelligence – A Power Booster to FinTech – Sooner the Better

  • Posted on : October 18, 2017
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Business Intelligence

“Technological innovations will be the heart and blood of the banking industry for many years to come and if big banks do not make the most of it, the new players from FinTech and large technology companies surely will” – David Brear.

FinTech is getting recognized and competitive day by day. You will find most financial and banking institutions going in for financial technological solutions. The primary reason being financial and banking institutions are now looking forward to a great growth spurt and most of them have well defined lavish budgets to imbibe IT solutions and build large infrastructure. It is now almost mandatory to adapt to FinTech and hence getting the best out of it is eventual. Extracting the optimum of these solutions is what leads the business to success, profitability, and productivity. And, one of the major sources to get this done is none other than the most popular and in-demand technology today – Business Intelligence. Though Business Intelligence Services have been a part and parcel of major business domains, it still has not been entirely utilized for FinTech, hence, there is a large avenue open for those who are ready to get it done right away. There is a sure shot competitive edge they will have over others, who are still in the thought process of how to make their FinTech solution work. Enterprise Digitization is on a success wave, today and tomorrow.

As an amalgamation of two powerhouses – Finance and Technology, FinTech enjoys the status of being most sought-after in the IT world. The major USP that differentiates this from other technological areas is that the Finance and banking sector is anyways based on a large amount of information transfer between entities and to facilitate and leverage that process, the financial solutions are the best possible medium. This is why there is this special term called FinTech whereas technology has been making its presence grounded in each and every fraternity. Business Intelligence Solutions acts as a power booster to enhance the financial services and solutions by garnering a larger amount of information, technology trends and reports in a wide range of visually appealing dashboards/reports and newer technologies like Predictive Analytics and Self Service BI that serves information in the best possible way. Value-adding to it is the seamless integration of BI with the hi-tech technology moves of today like IoT, Payment Integration, Cloud-based services, Enterprise Mobility, eCommerce to name a few.

BI for FinTech

How Is Business Intelligence Solutions Instrumental In Driving FinTech To Success?

As the fraternities continue to grow and bloom, BI and analytics has proven to the most powerful tool and technology for analysis and understanding of the heaps of data that has been accumulated over a period of time and thereafter, showcasing the analytical information in the right format at the right place to right people at the right time. This surely provides a great thrust to the business economy and success. There are organizations that haven’t still embraced BI as a value-added technology for them to extract the best of their FinTech solution. This is the right time to do so and implement a robust Business Intelligence Solution and experience the following benefits with a guaranteed success ration.

  • Work out Trends And Techniques To Face Stiff Market Competition

No one is spared from the bare brunt of stiff peer completion. FinTech isn’t spared either. With such a large requirement of FinTech solutions in the industry, one of the prime actions that enterprises need to take is a step ahead of the rest and BI can help do this easily and regularly. The output that BI solutions generate helps stakeholders to evaluate peer-group requirements, performance and strategic decisions that they take to increase their business revenue.

  • Find Out Enhanced Methods For Capturing Market Trends

Once you have the data in the best possible manner, it becomes an easy and doable task to analyze market trends and user behavior. Based on that, decisions can be altered to achieve the best of RoI, efficiency, and effectiveness. In fact, these trends also showcase the various risks that possibly, may create hurdles in the way of the success of the organization. Knowing it well in advance helps the enterprise to find out mitigation techniques. BI solutions turn out to be the face of the FinTech business that is happening and hence is very much appreciated by the customer.

  • Provide Requisite Security To Business And Clients

Since everything is visually much more clear and apparent, stakeholders are able to grasp the possible security frauds that could be coming up, by studying the different trends and behavior patterns of visitors/clients and come up with a secured solution beforehand. Today, online frauds are a very common disturbance in the success wave of the financial organization since there is a lot of monetary involvement.

  • Offer Users An Enriched User Experience

After all, what you see is what you perceive. Without BI, FinTech is like information stored in lumps and heaps without a front face. BI offers a perfect front-ending visual appeal that showcases the same information in a very well defined, precise and detailed format that instantly connects with the end-users, enabling them to understand and perceive the importance of the solution itself. By observing the reactions from end-users and clients, the solution can undergo certain changes so as to be the best of solutions by the time it is stable and implemented. No wonder, the output is the happy and satisfied client experience.

  • Set up Measures To Safeguard Against Cybercrime Effects

Security & Intelligence is an asset that has its own negative implications, showcased by those who know how to use these useful systems in the wrong way possible and harm the business. Cybercrime is the biggest threat to technology today and it is every business’s primary aim to stay far away from it and make the solution so full proof that it is completely safeguarded from any type of cyber-attack. BI and analytics serve the purpose by detecting and sensing any kind of fraudulent behavior and suggesting immediate actions for the same.

As a leading Business Intelligence Services Company in India, our skilled BI and Big Data resources have been implementing multiple Business Intelligence services with a multifaceted range of services, in vivid technologies that can give your organization the best of business efficiency and effectiveness. Our BI Solutions Company in India has been successfully implemented across a wide range of enterprise clientele, all around the globe.


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