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  • Posted on : April 20, 2016
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

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A phenomenon in itself – ‘Business Intelligence’ has been etching its charisma all through the globe, into a diversity of domains and industries. For any business to flourish and for any organization to cull out maximized ROI and efficiency, it is imperative to implement robust Business Intelligence solutions – the key driver to productivity and profitability. With a fervent capability to merge processes with technologies to extract any kind of valued information, in the desired format at the most accurate location and timing, BI solutions are marking their binding presence in all fraternities now.

The major reason why Business Intelligence Services have been an integral part of enterprises now is that it puts business data into a perspective. It creates a rapport between the huge bulk of valued information and the end-user, for whom it is a blessing in disguise. With organized data management and consolidation of a complete data warehouse, BI solutions structure and curate the data important to display and predict scenarios, representing the past, present, and future.

Owing to its wonderful and most charismatic features and benefits, Business Intelligence Solutions are a part and parcel of most of the flourishing industries around the globe today. The best part is that it possesses the flexibility to mold itself into the type of industry it has been integrated with. It succeeds in providing the best possible results and outputs to the client, irrespective of whatsoever domain the enterprise belong to. Let us have a look at 5 of the most affluent industry zones that are prime integrators of Business Intelligence Solutions and Services with a cursory look on how and why these industries are seamlessly hooked onto it.

5 Of The Most Successful Businesses, Benefiting Heavily From Business Intelligence Solutions

BI Solutions

  • Healthcare

Proving to be an efficient integrator of pure sciences, Business Intelligence services in Healthcare organizations are thinning the line between extracted data and its transformation into valuable information. BI has been serving its best into arenas like hospital data management, medical practices workflows, patient relationship management, clinical/financial analysis of data, patient experience, data management in healthcare, research data management, monitor health and safety regulations and many more. Implementation of data warehousing in this domain provides a clinical data warehouse which extracts and organizes varied kind of information like health records, financial accounting records, and patient feedback with third-party integrations too.

  • Retail

One of the sectors which have a lot to store and offer is the Retail industry. Starting from suppliers, customers, employees, inventory, marketing and promotions and so on, there is so much to store and manage. Business Intelligence solutions turn out to be the most optimal solution to effectively and efficiently manage a retail business. The retail industry is one of the most frequently changing industries in which retailers need much-enhanced operational efficiency and increased revenue, in order to sustain business growth. That is where BI services assist in entering new sales channels, meeting consumer demands, managing continually changing information and making better business decisions.

  • E-Commerce

E-Commerce companies are always loaded with a heavy volume of data, which is highly important to extract, curate and analyze in real-time with pre-defined formats. Only a robust Business Intelligence Solution is capable of providing desired information, cross-selling and up-selling through the E-Commerce websites. Today, with the growing demand, there are so many online shops utilizing the BI solutions to analyze their information in a much better manner, to enhance their business results and carve a niche for themselves in this fraternity. Key analysis in the E-Commerce industry includes sales trend analysis, customer buying track records, sales, and revenue report management, sales evaluation, marketing campaign effectiveness, and market demand prediction.

  • Supermarkets

The supermarket industry is a happening place in any corner of the globe, involving each and every common man to be a key factor affecting the entire business strategy. Since there is so much of data piling up every second, there ought to be a BI solution to assist in managing and maintaining these huge heaps of data and extracting desired information from it. One of the most vital aspects in this industry is to abide by the health standards and guidelines, which is where the BI solution helps in maintaining and managing health grounds, avoiding a large number of hazards by preventing them as well as alerting management right in time.

  • Manufacturing

For manufacturing units, the most important factor lies in gathering and strategizing data to make informed decisions about the continually changing market demands, working on sales strategy development, market forecasting, materials management and much more. Business Intelligence Services transform mere manufacturing data into enriched business information which can help business units to increase the efficiency of all the areas of manufacturing, improve processes, enhance supply chain management, produce various metrics for production processes and plant operations. These solutions help manufacturers face severe competition in the market, balancing between the scope and cost of work. It also helps units to extract their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to determine business trends and work out appropriate actions.

These are a few of the top industry zones, which are now addicted to Business Intelligence Solutions, for their growth, prosperity, and safety. But, there are many more adding to the list, with proven statistics, which benefit out of this comprehensive, robust range of solutions.

SPEC INDIA has its BI solutions and Big Data wings spread out across various industry domains like healthcare, finance, E-Commerce, Retail, FMCG, education to name a few, implementing various solutions in a multitude of technologies like Pentaho, Jaspersoft, Microsoft BI and Tableau, most of which are now into embedded analytics. We are global certified partners with Pentaho.


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