This Christmas, A Toast for Java. Cheers To That

  • Posted on : December 20, 2016
  • Modified: March 7, 2022

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
  • Category : Java

Going strong and stronger, this Christmas calls for a toast with a hot and refreshing cuppa; Java, the ascertained coolest programming language now around two decades old. The most popular among Java development companies and industries alike, the acceptance of Java is certainly reflected in the fact that Oracle claims there to be more than nine million Java developers globally; a phenomenal amount.

Java has been in the news all through the years and the frameworks that mattered then, remain relevant today as well.

It was not too long ago when Tiobe index, a trusted benchmark in the IT software industry, awarded Java as the language of the year for 2015. December 2016 statistics on the Tiobe index places Java comfortably at the number one position among all languages.

Java’s market share increases by 6% in the last two years, and it topples a traditional & popular platform like C to take the top position.

Java Development

Java Reveling Strong into 2017!

Several factors influence the popularity of Java and are predicted to be top of the wish list of many.

Skill availability

  • Java continues to attract a huge number of developers across the world. With thousands of sites already using Java or related platforms, a trend that is certain to continue.

Ease of Use

  • With Java, developers can easily pick up standard, readable code written by a predecessor or another developer to continue the development.
  • Oracle upon initiating mentoring Java, replacing Sun Microsystems, has continued to invest in developing platforms that support backward compatibility. This means that developers do not waste time in recoding when a new platform version is introduced.

Scalability & Superior Performance

  • Java is undoubtedly one of the high performers on the programming market, thanks to thousands of hours invested in development effort over the years making offshore Java development on the top of the charts.
  • Java-based applications are fast, platform & device independent and can even exceed native code performance at times. Today, multiple enterprises and giants relying heavily on IT, such as Facebook, Spotify, Salesforce, Twitter, Oracle & eBay depend on Java.

Updates & Releases

  • Java comes a long way and adapts itself to suit the changing expectations from technology, especially when the last decade sees a progressive transition from JDK 5 to JDK 8 today.
  • Noticeably, Java making it to the top position happened after the launch of JDK 8 in October 2014, which gave developers a fresh lease with streams API & Lambda expressions. This increases the level of functionality that Java developers can now implement without the overhead of learning a new language or switching to another technology.
  • With the new releases, it is easy to take the benefit of modern processors without the overhead of writing separate & complex code. JDK 9 is set to make it easier to build large enterprise applications, as it is likely to be empowered with project Jigsaw.

Technologies & Solutions Intoxicated With Java

The range of applications that use Java is wide & diverse.

Big Data

  • Technologies relevant to Big Data, such as Hadoop are based on the Java framework. While Java is not the only programming language on which Big Data tools are based upon, it has a major chunk in this industry segment and may end up on the dominating technology side.

Android Apps

  • Java has become the official development language for the Android platform. The majority of Android API has been designed to receive Java calls. The revenue generated from Android Apps is now comparable to iOS-based Apps. Indeed, Java has had a huge impact on the mobile community.

Secure Transactions

  • Java possesses unparalleled capabilities when it comes to processing large chunks of data typically associated with banks or the financial sector. Java is used to write & compile confirmation & settlement systems, processing data objects, run office electronic stock market & trading systems, and other applications requiring extreme privacy & security.
  • This has resulted in Java’s popularity across many global investment banks. Murex, a popular trading platform used in banks for front to back connectivity is coded in Java.

Scalable web applications

  • Today, established e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon have turned to Java to build their web sites receiving thousands of visitors per minute. Modern Java frameworks like Struts, SpringMVC and Hibernate have made a place for themselves in government portals and applications.

Scientific Applications & Research

  • Today, many scientific applications like Natural language processing deploy Java for their programs. Other than performance, Java features like portability, ease of use and maintenance also make it popular.

The Java & Twitter Pairing

One of the popular stories that made it to a lot of blogs & discussions forum was the technology change that Twitter planned & executed back in 2010 & 2011. Twitter was traditionally a Ruby on Rails shop with limited Java flavors. However, back in 2010, the popular social media platform announced that there would be a focus change for the development platform.

Considering factors like encapsulation features as well as performance benchmarks, the backend message queue & tweet storage engine was re-coded in Scala / Java. The Java-based framework is a great fit for Twitter considering the maturity of Scala now as compared to what it was when Twitter was launched.

A Better Drink than Java?

The strong and refreshing cup that it is, one wonders if there are many alternatives available to replace Java. Object-Oriented fans would go to Ruby or Perl, and class-based developers would opt for PHP. Python, C++, C# & Objective-C are also popular options.

However, Java cannot be completely replaced in today’s world. Practically, there seems to be no alternative to Java, considering the large number of websites that have already deployed it and the growing number of enterprises relying on offshore Java development. If the server-side is hosted on the Java platform and requires the client browser to run Java, then there is no workaround.

All Through The Christmas, New Year & 2017, Celebrating With Java!

2017 should see more upswing in Java usage as it plays a pivotal role in shaping the technology base of Big Data & IoT, the emerging buzzwords for all enterprises nowadays.

Facebook, in a recent statement, has clearly indicated they will no longer rely on HTML5 and will continue to adopt its Reactive Native JavaScript Framework. Java also occupies an important place within Android development, and overall the community help that is available for Java is an important aspect that requires years of buildup.

Many traditional developers believe Java is the best thing to happen after C++, and the key reason for this is the productivity improvement.

The way Java has been embedded in technology platforms, frameworks and enterprise programs globally is an indication that the language has a long way to go. It is very well possible that technologies that are yet to mature, like Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality will make use of Java-based platforms in the future.

On a Parting Note

SPEC INDIA offers best-in-class Java development services to our clients in India and abroad. As a Java development company, we have successfully developed and implemented multiple n-tier Java / J2EE / J2ME based applications, with a merger of various frameworks, architectures, and databases.

With a comprehensive implementation of the Model View Controller (MVC) technologies, we possess the expertise to migrate from a legacy system to a Java/J2EE based solution. We also offer our “Hire a Java Developer” service, by providing skilled and experienced resources that can augment your short and long term requirements ensuring the best quality and knowledge base.


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