Custom ERP Software Solution Boosts Productivity & Profitability for Manufacturing Industry


June 14, 2018


June 21st, 2023

As one of the most happening industries around the globe, with umpteen changes in rules and regulations, the manufacturing industry has been coming across multifaceted opportunities as well as challenges all the way. This domain needs to grab the best opportunities and sail across the challenges overcoming them in their stride. What is of high significance is the implementation of a robust and comprehensive custom ERP software solution that is competent to integrate all workflows involved along with other needs based on the cost, time and effort factors. With increasing awareness in keeping the environment clean and green, one of the prime concerns that the manufacturing domain must take into consideration is managing and taking care of the waste generated. This also includes focussing on the health-related concerns of the working force in the industries. And this is possible with Mobile ERP solutions, an indispensable ingredient in the modern-day business.

Mobile ERP For Manufacturing Domain – Key Focus Areas

While designing a full proof customized ERP software for the manufacturing industry, there are certain prime target areas that need to be kept in mind. Implementing such a huge solution is a big job done; hence, focussing on what exactly is the requirement is very vital to the success of the project. A capable custom ERP system is most suited to bring about revolutionary changes in the industry in terms of enhanced customer experience through latest technological innovations like manufacturing mobility, cloud-based solutions, integrated data collection and so on. Keeping a stringent eye on these focus areas is sure to boost the profitability and productivity factor, to a large extent:

  • Predicting future trends with BI and data analytics
  • Intelligently assimilate data from different capture areas
  • Scheduling tasks in parallel to attain maximum efficacy
  • Simplifying automation and reducing human intervention
  • Providing perceptible and auditable transactions with automatic data captures
  • Lessening distance factor moving beyond geographical bounds
  • Including latest external device integration like QR codes, barcodes, sensors etc.
  • Embedding latest technologies like BYOD for augmented process monitoring
  • Automating process of the bill of material generation

Key Features That Are A Must for Manufacturing Mobile ERP Solution

With days going by, Mobile ERP has been creating the lasting impression on enterprises and for that to increase exponentially, there are certain important features that need to be reflected in any successful ERP software solution for the manufacturing units:

  • Seamless integration between strategies, departments, workflows
  • Regular inventory tracking, stock optimization, asset scheduling
  • Continuous order status updates to clients
  • Visually appealing & in-depth reports and dashboards to showcase KPIs
  • Business intelligence with a self-service style, data available anywhere, anytime
  • Detailed market forecasting
  • Close working with the field force on status updates

10 Proven Benefits Achieved by Implementing Custom ERP System in Manufacturing Industry

Much is said and written about ERP, its features, its benefits, its modules and more, from the perspective of different stakeholders like the developers, technical media, software consultants and so on. But what matters the most is, of the plethora of manufacturing IT services & solutions, how beneficial is the customized ERP software to the actual end users, who are the key to a successful implementation and beyond. After all, the end users are the right audience to give an unbiased view on how ERP has been assuring maximized RoI for them.

Here are certain proven advantages organizations have showcased after the implementation of a Mobile ERP system:

  • Uniform Software Solution Across Business Departments

In any organization where there are multiple sections working to achieve a common goal, what is most important to ensure synchronization in their functioning and goal achievement. That is where ERP solution works best by implementing a standardized software across all units so that all stakeholders understand the same perception and work accordingly. This eliminates redundancy, duplication of work, error generation, misinterpretations, risks to a large extent and encourages people to focus on goal achievement and work ethics more rather than monitoring and managing systems.

  • Time, Effort and Cost Savings in All Functional Departments

With functionalities in departments interacting with each other in a logical and regular manner, the best part is the large savings in the time, effort and cost factor that otherwise, would have been used in multiples for the same work in different departments. With this integration and uniformity, the effort now goes more in product development, process re-engineering, expanding and enhancing business to an elevated level.

  • Access to Real-time Information Anywhere

Any functionality that you perform is a part of the system. Everything is online or in batch updates. Whatever department you belong to, whatever data you wish to see, is right there in the system. It is just a matter of extracting it in your desired format. Be it orders, invoices, purchases, accounting bills, vouchers, leave details, production schedules, customer feedback to name a few, you get access to real-time or almost real-time information in your desired format.

  • Enhanced Selection Process of Suppliers / Dealers Based on Data Insights

Earlier, it was a challenge to find out how our suppliers/dealers / sub-dealers have been performing and whether they should be continued or not. Now, it is a matter of a single click and you have the entire performance chart of theirs, in front of you, with in-depth statistics of how they have performed all through the year, the level of customer satisfaction they have received, the challenges they have failed to overcome and so on. The scorecards are an apt medium to understand the problems they have encountered, their solutions, their nonconformances etc.

  • Early Visibility into Possible Product Issues

Because of the strong link between product details to QA records, there are higher chances of understanding all possible issues that can crop up, related to manufacturing products. This enables organizations to take early action and possibly avoid the harm. It also offers creative space to the teams in terms of spending time over the betterment of the functionalities rather than looking at the thinkable challenges.

  • Enhanced Pricing Precision with Better Reporting

With detailed and visually appealing reports and dashboards available at any point, anywhere in any format, it has become convenient to avail accurate pricing details, resulting in better and effective competition while bidding for further projects.

  • Reduced Inventory Carrying Costs

Because of the simplistic operations and inter-department synchronization, it is an easy task to lessen the inventory carrying costs by a huge margin. There is the instant availability of information through various reporting mechanisms, facilitating decision making to a great extent, increasing business efficiency largely.

  • Effective Management of Large Transactional Data

The Mobile ERP solution has been instrumental in facilitating organizations to handle and manage huge volumes of transaction data, with ease and effectiveness. Without any extra resources to take care, the solution takes care of large data chunks traveling within departments, with a lot of precision and security. This also increases the accessibility level of information to different hierarchies in the organization.

  • Less Occurrence of Errors in Operations

Be it finance, manufacturing, HR, accounts, production, inventory, sales, fixed assets, procurement and other departments, one of the prime advantages being surely observed is the less frequency of errors occurring in those departments owing to the implementation of Mobile ERP. There is less time spent in correcting, altering and fixing errors. On the contrary, time is effectively spent in growing business manifold.

  • Effective Key Performance Indicator Measurement

With umpteen different processes in place, it has always been a challenge to measure the KPIs in each department. With a Mobile ERP solution, it is now an easy task to measure different areas like financial / job/market performance etc. This directly saves a big deal on time, cost and money for the organization.

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