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  • Posted on : August 8, 2012
  • Modified: November 5, 2020

  • Author : SPEC INDIA
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ETL tools is extensively used to implement the data warehouse. It provides the major activities required for the filling the data in Data warehouse.

Extraction: Acquiring data from various  source systems.

Transformation: Changing the form and/or content of the data into the structure of the target data warehouse.

Loading: Actually storing data in the target data warehouse.

Apart from this ETL tools supports the various other activities like-

  • Change Data Capture: To extract the data which has changed.
  • Data Validation: Filter the invalid data .
  • Data Cleansing: correct the invalid data.
  • Aggregations: calculations of the data.
  • Key Generations: To uniquely identify the data .
  • Data Loading: Adding new rows or updating existing rows.

Why ETL ?

ETL tools saves time and money to implement the data warehouse from the various data-sources with comparision of hand coding integrations.
As ETL tools provides

  • Graphical interfaces to easy use
  • Connections with the wide variety of database
  • Debuging and logging.
  • High performance on data transfer
  • Easy deployment
  • Open source solutions offered by pentaho or talend to over come risk of budget
Problem With Hand Coding.
  • Integrate the data from various data-source then it takes long time to  implement the data warehouse.
  • DBA always have a problem to connect with various database without any external tools
  • To add any source of data in data warehouse then lots of rework is required.
Most Prestigious And Famous ETL Tools-
  • Pentaho Kettle
  • Talend
  • Informatica PowerCenter
  • Inaplex Inaport

SPEC INDIA have the dedicated expert team on Pentaho Business Intelligence Solutions and Talend which help to quickly implement the cost effective data warehouse for any organizations.


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